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April 22 2011

Joss Whedon explains Angel. Another great SCI FI Australia interview.

This helps answer my earlier question about what else is there. But the question remains. I hope at some point they are just going to post it all.
Ah, the interviews which never make it.
Also, what's with all the little edits in the middle of his sentences?
SCI FI Australia, you're my interview hero, and not just because you spell your name right.
Can't wait for 'Joss Whedon Explains It All'.
He's a genius. That's all I really want to say.
Okay, that photograph needed a scorcher warning.
If you ask me, Angel was a soul seeking redemption, yet would never allow himself to be blessed for the evils he committed.

Talking about a wicked catch 22!
To be fair Angel/Angelus did some pretty horrible evils in his day, so if he truly believed (and he does) that he was responsible for his actions, then he probably realizes that he might never really be free from trying to redeem himself. The recent Season 8 escapades will only further nail this home for him.
Well I always thought that Angel/Liam had serious Daddy issues, and he (while alive) had believe his Father's judgement that he was worthless and irredeemable (and of course later killing his Father would have kind of made that a permanent belief). Angel seeks redemption, but he doesn't really believe he'll ever deserve it (and he occasionally sabotages himself to confirm that self condemnation). Just my opinion, of course.
Personally I don't feel how Angel could ever stand up from that Twilight mess he did.

Very interesting points made above, especially last two ones by embers and archon.
Can't wait for 'Joss Whedon Explains It All'.

Joss Whedon vs. Clarissa: Explainathon?
This interview explains a lot. While Joss has made the character interesting enough for me to follow over the years, I've never really been able to sympathize with Angel like I have other gray-area characters. He just always seems to be at his best when he's either Angelus or when he has a superb supporting cast of characters that works off his selfishness. Angel loses something when they try to make him a hero, and now i know why. He was designed to be a d---

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