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January 06 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg in music video Trapt's upcoming "Echo" video stars singer Chris
Brown's current girlfriend, Michelle Trachtenberg

I don't know if this is already on the air and old news, but I haven't seen the video?

Oh god, one of those bands that sounds like all those other bands. I got so sick of hearing 'Headstrong' on the radio this summer. Meh. Hope Michelle manages to be more than just another scantily-clad video babe. (On the other hand, I really loved SMG's appearance in the 'Sour Girl' video.)
Sour Girl is one of my favorite videos. It gets a little silly with the animal suits at the end, but as far as imagery, it definitely sticks in my mind. SMG looks great in both versions of herself.
MT was adorable guesting in an early ep. of MAD-TV (now syndicated on Comedy Central) in a BtVS spoof sketch with "Miss Swan" as her vampire-slaying aunt, "Bunny." Just thought I'd throw that in, as long as we're talking about Michelle turning up elsewhere.
i second (third?) that Wren and Prufrock!
sour girl is a truly sexy video, which can be beautifully juxtaposed w/ those britney videos (blech!).
btw, isn't AFI's Grey video very remenicint of STP's Sour Girl?

p.s. Wren the best solution to the summer radio blues were Radiohead's Hail to the Thief and A.P.C's Thirteenth Step
p.p.s. Prufrock you happen to be a T.S. Eliot fan?

Yep. I still remember the first time I read Love Song. Life-changing.
prufrock - same here :)

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