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April 24 2011

Browncoats T-Shirt on TeeFury. Another great Firefly t-shirt, available only for 24 hours.

Yoink! Thank you, much preferred to the other Serenity one, this is nice and subtle.
Bought one! Thanks for the notification Radaar!
Not even up for an hour, and already a popular item
-That's because I bought 12 of them, Radaar! :D
Shiny! Snagged one immediately.
Hee, now I have Firefly fan gear! The design was too pretty and the price too ridiculously low to even attempt to resist.
Shiny! One for me and one for my Alberta Browncoat friend who is in Paris right now.
The numbers beneath the sizes in the drop down menu, do they stand for sizes or quantity. The number 3 in the XL chart, or it the biggest XL or what?
waited all weekend for this one!
Now i see that it's quantity.
Well I went ahead and ordered one; it is a beautiful design and 100% cotton.
I heard it's actually made out of Reavers.

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