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April 25 2011

Goodnight Burbank - a web series with a host of genre actors - is now available on Hulu. It's described as "the first ever half hour comedy show created for the web". Miracle Laurie from Dollhouse is in all 6 episodes.

Camden Toy and Clare Kramer are also in this episode. Stacey Scowley (Cindy, Dollhouse) comes in in episode 3.
I think Camden is in all of the episodes. And I believe Fran Kranz is in there somewhere.
I tried, but I was only able to push myself to the halfway point. I sort of only did that to make sure I got to a Miracle bit.
Saw first episode. Good start, but Laura Silverman as an anchor not smart enough to be on Fox and Friends was annoying, but that was the point. Miracle was funny, and let's have more of her, please. Ditto for Camden. Hayden better shine in a future episode, though. Not enough of him in the debut
I thought the supporting characters were more interesting than the leads ... I'd like to see more Dominic & Clare. Not sure about Miracle Laurie's character: loved her in Dollhouse, but this portrayal of a person with Asperger's made me cringe rather than laugh. It just seemed kinda in poor taste (though I'd attribute that to the writing rather than to Miracle's acting).

I thought the female anchor's character was poorly written as well. I mean, I get that it's supposed to be funny, but .... I know a lot of conservative Christians (I used to be one), and none of them look anything like this woman. Caricatures are funny because they exaggerate actual real characteristics ... and there was just nothing here that I recognized.
You may be right about how Laura's character is written, erendis, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were TV anchors like this anywhere, much less Burbank. I wish we'd see any of the field reporters actually interview someone. That would be funny, too.
As for Miracle's character, I think they're trying to show her as the most honest person on the show, especially with her interview, and that it has to take something like Asperger's to make her that way..and also throw in the fact her brother not only owns the station but would sell everyone out. I hope later on, she turns out to be smarter than the crew.
Also, on the site, there is a list of bios of the characters. That adds more insight.
Good thoughts, impalergeneral. I'll give it another episode at least, and give it a chance to change my mind. In any case, I like a lot of the actors involved, and I definitely like the idea of shows produced for the internet. So, we'll see where it goes. And I like the idea of seeing the field reporters do interviews. That would be fun.
Just finished the only episode (#1)on hulu. Particularly loved Camden, Miracle, the hijab'd makeup woman, the black reporter with all the masters degrees... We know what Dominic is capable of, so please let them have written him a venture into the wild and woolly. Chuck-watchers know what I mean.

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