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April 25 2011

(SPOILER) Preview of the final issue of Angel. Issue 44 comes out on Wednesday.

IDW has told some of the best ANGEL stories to date, Thank you IDW for 6 amazing years or our fav Captain Forehead, and thank you VERY much CBR for posting this awesome preview!

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I second that WesKnighT. Cheers to IDW for their great work on the Angel property. They gave Angel (and the Buffyverse as a whole) new life when no one else would. I look forward to seeing how Angel's journey ends here, and also excited about his future adventures at Dark Horse.
This looks like it's gonna be awesome. Really curious what's gonna happen with Illyria.

"IDW has done some amazing work on ANGEL, it's a shame that he has a roommate and a demotion in his new title"

Passive aggressive much?
IDW has done some amazing work on ANGEL, it's a shame that he has a roommate and a demotion in his new title

I'll gladly take Angel sharing the title for a story that actually focuses on Angel, delving deeply into his flaws and the tragedy of his character. The run on IDW after the completion of "After the Fall" spent a large chunk of the story pushing Angel to the sidelines -- Willingham's run was the most notable time when Angel felt like the lead character in name only.
Looking forward to this final issue.

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thanks Jelly, and very much Waterkeeper511, and very good point Emmie, aftermath and Willingham's arc was not a great way to follow ATF, i completely agree, i just meant I didn't know why it couldn't be ANGEL: featuring FAITH, that's all
Cause Angel's been playing second fiddle in his own title for a long time, getting a roomie at least shows HIM getting a roomie, not a dozen other people.
I like the idea of them being paired and that Faith is finally getting top billing. She really deserves some credit. I didn't quite follow this series as much as Buffy, but at least with an actual focus on his new title it should improve on some of the mistakes that were made. Faith should help to keep a focus on the redemption, not losing it and thus giving some context to Angel's arc, context that was hit and miss during this run. Sad to see it go, but hopefull for the future...

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That looks so... Well, he looks like he should be on the cover of a gay porn flick. Head turned seductively, surrounded by flowers, the eyes and the body...

That's, uh, something else.
So Angel and Spike filmed it for once?
Thats one beautiful cover, and I'm pleased that some can take pleasure in seeing the male form in it's glory, rather then (as in the case of most mainstream comics) the female characters.
Hmmm... poppies are symbolic of sleep and death.
and sometimes getting high!
Faith getting top billing is long overdue. She's not a bit player. She's THE SLAYER despite Buffy getting all the attention when she hasn't been the slayer since season 2 of her show started. I want more stories focusing on the REAL slayer. Not knocking Buffy, but I have always disliked how Faith just gotten her identity stolen from her. Buffy is NOT the Slayer, neither is Kennedy, Satsu or the tons of other little slayerettes we've have since season 7 totally screwed up the slayer mythology

You know I see a lot of praise for After the Fall only. Here's some other awesome IDW stuff that we got. A great tribute issue for Andy Hallet, some cool post-After the Fall Angel stories from Brian Lynch(including the very funny Last Angel in Hell movie parody one shot), some interesting Angel side stories from his past like the Barbary Coast mini-series, a brilliant Illyria mini-series that evolved her character perfectly, an interesting Drusilla story that both Brian and Juliette Landau worked on, and the current Spike mini-series(though I'm not sure I like where that is headed). I also like that we got Kate back and Brian has written some great stuff for the Groosalugg. I REALLY would like to see him and Illyria team up. I don't care what the reason is. I just want to see it. That's comedy gold waiting to happen
I agree 100% with your post-After the Fall comments, Arkham, but to be fair, the "everyone's a Slayer" thing didn't mess up the Slayer mythology so much as Buffy coming back to life the first time did.

It's interesting to think that the whole premise of the Slayer is that there's only one in every generation, but for most of the show's life, there have been at least two active Slayers. I'm aware that the season 7 finale wasn't planned from the beginning (obviously), but it's interesting to look back and find post-facto hints at the concept of multiple Slayers.
Faith getting top billing is long overdue. She's not a bit player.

There are hardly any 'bit players' in the Buffyverse. All of the core four three are just as important as the other. Spike isn't one either, yet I don't see them changing Buffy's comic to Buffy and Spike. As it shouldn't. We'll never see any of them getting co-billing on a Buffy comic. So why should Angel's comic have to? Not to mention Angel and Faith just doesn't sound very good a title.

She's THE SLAYER despite Buffy getting all the attention when she hasn't been the slayer since season 2 of her show started. I want more stories focusing on the REAL slayer.

The Show is named Buffy the Vampire Slayer so of course she gets mosts of the attention.

Not knocking Buffy, but I have always disliked how Faith just gotten her identity stolen from her.

I think Faith did that to herself when she went evil and started killing people. Buffy had been considering giving up the slayer gig, at least for a time, before Faith went crazy. The choices one makes is what's important to being the Slayer, not the power. Faith is currently on her way to being a great Slayer. But I don't know if that's what she wants anymore. Last Gleaming made is seem like she is very much over the slayage.
Here's some other awesome IDW stuff that we got.

IDW did some very nice one-shots before After the Fall. I quite enoyed Scott Tipton's tales and Peter David's Spike vs Dracula mini-series. But IDW just about killed off fan interest in the Angelverse comics at the start because of the first two Angel mini-series. They were not well receieved to say the least. It was only when Spike: Asylum came out did the online fandom take another look at what IDW was producing.
That's a very good point Kaan, in S3 Buffy was seriously considering going to college and letting Faith take over but "Faith's turn to the dark side of the Force pretty much put the proverbial kibosh on any away plans for [her]." I'm actually really sympathetic to why Faith struggles so much in S3 because she really had very little and being The Slayer was meant to make her important, but instead she had to share the title. However, I don't see it as Buffy "stealing" anything seeing as how Buffy was the Slayer first and, unless anybody feels she should have either stayed dead or pissed off once she came back, she was still needed to do her duties. I can’t fault her for that and I have to say it was a good thing she did. Faith was pretty irresponsible when she was young and would often go on "unannounced walkabouts" leaving Buffy to be "the good one."

In S8 Faith’s no longer interested in the title and accepts that Buffy was always considered THE slayer.” She’d much rather help others who were put through the meat grinder and spend her time rehabilitating people. We find her in a much better place than Buffy, who never actually wanted to still be considered the only slayer and sees it as a “failure” on her part that her empowerment spell never changed that.
Buffy never seriously considered giving up the slayage as I recall, but her mother wanted her too. Buffy was actually very defensive of Faith moving into her life with the slaying, winning over her friends and flirting with one of Buffy's potential boyfriends.

As for Faith, I remember an episode where Faith expressed anger at finding out that there was this other slayer out there when she thought she was the one. It's just one of many things in Faith's life that kind of messed her up. I feel like going bad just felt natural for Faith, given that Buffy was the slayer hero that Faith was supposed to be. It's an identity thing. Faith has struggled to find herself for a very long time. Having no friends and family(except her watcher who got murdered before her very eyes) certainly didn't help. All things that Buffy had to give her a sense of self, a sense of right and wrong AND to give her strength. Wish gave us a peak at a very Faith-ish Buffy when those things were taken away from her life. Faith has been screwed all her life. You're right though, it doesn't seem like she wants the slayer gig, but really, how can she even contemplate being THE slayer with Buffy still around. There is still a conflict there between those two that I think will come up again in season 9. If you really pay attention. It's subtle, but you can still jealousy from both of them in season 7 AND season 8. Having Angel in the mix could further complicate things, though it's hard to say how Buffy feels about Angel at the moment

Yeah, the back from the dead thing did screw up the slayer lineage. Buffy is an anamoly just like Spike and even Angel. That seems to tie in with everything involving the First and Twilight

I forgot about the pre-After the Fall Spike books that Brian did. I really need to read those
IDW's run has been consistently my favorite monthly read, way back since Scott did "Auld Lang Syne" and Brian changed the way folks look at Buffyverse comics (folks including Joss, that is) when he did "Asylum." It's been a long right with some bumpy areas but man, was it a great run. I wish IDW could keep telling Angel stories... for selfish reasons, as "Yearbook" has my very first and very last Angel story, and also just because I want to keep following this tale and these creators.

And damn, I'm happy to say that #44 looks like the best issue of the final arc. Man, love that battle banter.
Kaan, I said exactly it months ago, when SA announced the new title... why only Angel has to share the title with another albeit important character? Why there isn't a comic called " Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Willow the Witch" or "Buffy and Spike"? True is, Angel has always seen as a second character in Joss mind, always a spin off... of course with no regard not only for him and the series, but even for the viewers/fans who love him much more than BtVS. And the other characters of the show, butchered without mercy: Doyle, Cordelia, Wesley, Fred...
Jenny, Kendra, Buffy herself, Tara, Anya...just saying. It's not exactly like it's only Angel characters getting the butcher-treatement.

Could it be because Faith isn't just a critical character to the series, but critical to Angel's growth as a character now? She's quite possibly necessary for him as a character, which more than justifies her sharing the title. He's likely to be leaning on her rather heavily for the start of the series at least.
Jenny, Kendra were important, but not so important as Cordy, Wes and so on... they were co-protagonists, the family core if you want.

As much as I like Faith and I'm deeply invested in her character and journey and I'm very excited knowing she'll be with Angel I just can't stand his demotion after five years of an amazing show and years of his own comics.
Let's recall that at the end of BtVS, Joss considered a Faith spin-off, but ED decided to go elsewhere (Tru Calling). Presumably, he had "Faith" stories to tell and finds it convenient to weave them in with Angel, who is (de facto) the other 'secondary character'. Angel cannot be in the main Buffy franchise (at least not after the mess that was Twilight) and this pairing makes sense, I guess as a 'redemption-duo' focus. I, however, would be much more interested in an "Angel and Spike" series, since they had some real chemistry (and fun) in AtS5.
I still don't get the issues people are having with Angel sharing a title. People don't seem to get that comics don't work the way TV shows do; in TV shows, either the main character gets the title or there's an all-encompassing title. For comic books, it's actually very common to see duo titles; Cable and Deadpool, anyone?
Well the Twilight thing pissed people off. So maybe humbling Angel a bit is necessary before building him back up again. Perhaps in some people's minds he is not worthy of his own title right now

I think including Faith in the title is good for two reasons. It obviously elevates her status and it allows for more stories for her than she would get in a one shot or mini-series. My hope is that the title indicates a strong lasting bond between them because Angel seems to be running out of companions in his increasingly lonely life

I did love the Spike/Angel chemistry in season 5, but I think the well is dried up for stories for those two. They could do some fun stuff with Spike and Faith though
Getting back to issue 44, any bets on how it will lead into Buffy Season 8?
The talking dog (or Whistler) will offer Angel an unlife-time supply of hair gel as Twilight!
I'm loving the covers for this book! Glad to see Angel back in the present with his people. (And I'm so excited to finally be a part of Whedonesque! Hooray for open registration day!)
I read this last nite and it was an excellent ending to the ongoing.

No Season 8 references (Hooray!) but a good wrapping up for all the different stories from idw.

I loved the Angel & Connor scenes. Really hope their relationship in DHorse is a good one.Would be such a shame if they ruined that.
Angel:I'm not a puppet,I'm not some prophecy,and I'm not going to change sides.

Mariah (IDW editor)wrote:
I'm sure some folks will be disappointed we didn't explain more of the lead up to Season 8, but, that story is Joss's to tell. We wanted to give Angel the best send off we could, in a way that let us celebrate WHO HE IS AS A CHARACTER and where he's come.

Great words. People kept waiting for this issue to explain why Angel makes all the stupid mistakes in S8. Now JW has to explain why someone that has this monologue goes off and makes the worse mistakes he could make for the sake of some prophecy. I like the fact that IDW did not try finding reasons for Angel to be an idiot. I mean Twilight. Joss made the mess, Joss must explain it. IDW wrapped up their story as it should be.

Thanks IDW for your stories and your love and comprehension of Angel.I think a lot of us will miss them,and of course, all of you.

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