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April 26 2011

(SPOILER) First photo from The Avengers. Plus casting confirmations as well!

AGH!! excited!!
Although, no Portman.
It's actually happening.

No Portman? After seeing Thor it seems like she would be pretty essential to The Avengers?
Well there you have it! I suppose it was out there before but this was the first time I'd read Seamus McGarvey was going to be shooting it, I wonder how he came to be on the project. "I'm shooting an epic superhero movie of epic epicness...get me the guy who photographed Atonement and High Fidelity!" Heh. Not a bad choice at all, just an interesting one.
"And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand!"
The term "photo" here seems to be used very loosely.
Looks like Joss has a great crew behind him - some nice behind the scenes credits those people are carrying.
It's a photo. Nothing loose about that. fight the foes no single super hero apart from Batman could withstand!"

There, fixed it for you Buffyfantic ;-).
Seamus McGarvey. I like it. Given Joss' love of them and what McGarvey did with the beach scene in Atonement, I wonder if we'll get another epic one shot?

@Saje: Not without prep time, he couldn't. ;)
Seamus McGarvey - no idea what he's like to work with, but his work on screen is pretty much amazing. That also applies to quite a few of the crew listed. Avengers assemblin' behind the camera, too.

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It's awesome to see this photo, but it got me wondering - where are all the women? 52 leading men and they couldn't find room for more than one woman? Baffling, for a Joss creation.
There's more than one woman in it.
And not exactly a Joss "creation". Not at all really.
So, the photo is of the chairs on set? It looks more like a staged photo than actually a behind-the-scenes photo for The Avengers. fight the foes no single super hero apart from Batman could withstand!"

Yeah, more a Joss 'adaptation' than a Joss 'creation' given the constraints of the 'verse. Nonetheless, likely to be an awesome one based on all the press so far.
b!x: Are you sure? The background looks like a graphic to me, and the chairs could easily be stock images with names put onto them. Hard to tell with such a meh-quality image, though.
Writing and directing seem pretty creative to me. There's a lot of room to explore established characters. I grieved Cyclops pretty hard once, and I usually hate that guy.
jighooligan, Ms Portman is still very pregnant AFAIK so maybe they've had to make do without her?
I didn't see a mention of who's doing the music. Joss probably has particular ideas about what he wants there.
Ah yes, zz9, thanks for the reminder that she's actually busy with life stuff and can't always fulfil our fan desires. Damn her. How selfish! Maybe in a sequel, or just work with Joss at some point? I'd love to see them work together. I thought she was simply phenomenal since Leon and a serious badass when she has to be. Fingers crossed for a collaboration soon.
Maybe she is pregnant with Thor's baby!
(don't mind me)
embers, I promise not to mind you, only if I can high five you for that comment! :p
Shouldn't Hulk's chair be a little bigger?

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