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April 26 2011

Amazing fan trailer for Firefly. By MrMorda898 on YouTube.

Hope this wasn't posted before.

Amazing! Hope this stays on here.
Really good. I'll bet the show wouldn't have been canceled if something like this had been used for advertising.
Wowza, I have not put Firefly DVDs in for so long. Summer looks so little. Little, age-wise, since she's still so tiny. One thought (besides "I miss this show and this story") was "these actors need regular work". Besides Nathan and Adam, these guys need to be regulars on some quality shows, Gina Torres, and Sean Maher especially. Morena and Summer could, too :)
Oh, man.... goosebumps! Love it! Thanks for sharing.
Captain B, Gina is on a new USA show that starts this summer. I bet Summer and Morena land somewhere soon. I'm assuming the V will be (should be) cancelled.
It's always depressing to revisit how great this series was.
and once again I went "FOOOOOOOOOXXX!!!" in my best Cpt. Kirk impression. Right where the words "season one" appeared on screen. No other show's early demise (and there are two I loved almost as much that Fox cancelled, plus Dollhouse) gets me so angry as Firefly's, even after all this time. *sigh*

But, the trailer was awesome.
That was pretty cool. My only gripe is that the last part before the title was from Serenity.
Incredible work! Thank you.
That was pretty cool. My only gripe is that the last part before the title was from Serenity.
Walkdogger | April 27, 10:12 CET

Yeah...noticed that myself, Walkdogger. I found it a jolt as well, but River only had 2-3 Crowning Moments of Awesome in the series, so I will personally forgive a snapshot of River getting a Crowning Moment of Frakking Awesome (patent pending) from the BDM to balance out all of other BDHs getting a lot more CMOAs/CMOFAs ;D
Awesome trailer, but needs more Kaylee :)

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