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April 26 2011

10 greatest handguns in all of science fiction and fantasy. Obviously Captain Tightpants' sidearm is there, one of two that's been known to shoot first from time to time.

I was actually the one who added it to the voting options (FB link). Surprisingly, io9 didn't think of it.

Supernatural fans help me out. I can't recall the Colt being mystical. Anyone wanna refreshen my memory?
It's mystical. It's one of only two weapons on the show that kills anything but 2 specific things in the Supernatural universe. When all else fails, bust out the Colt or Ruby's dagger. Though we never learn why or how they are so powerful. I'd have placed it at number one on the list. The Colt reaks of badassness. It's the only thing on the show cooler than Dean's car
I agree with a commenter that Zoe's Steve McQueen-esque "hand"-gun was more interesting. And the Lawgiver's been one of my fave SF&F guns since I first saw it. Death on a stick. In your hand.

Opening it out to just SF&F guns, 'Reason™' from 'Snowcrash' is another favourite of mine. Not a handgun by any stretch (it's about the size of a small suitcase with a sort of hose thing coming out) but built of awesome (not least because it sets up the line "See, I told you they'd listen to Reason™" ;). And (as another commenter mentions) the last Lazy Gun from 'Against a Dark Background' - stupidly powerful weapons just tickle me for some reason, the total extreme overkill just makes me smile (and being the last of anything is inherently romantic). Also from 2000AD there's Rogue Trooper's friend (and gun) Gunnar.

How do you know it's mystical if you don't know why they're powerful? Could be simple science, but this article made it sound like we actually know spells were used. And I can't recall that.
I've never even seen the show but is "simple science" likely to be the goto explanation on a series called 'Supernatural' ? ;)

It's not a bad assumption, I just don't want to jump to conclusions. I mean, the maker of the Colt, Samuel Colt, was never mentioned to be able to use magic, and from what I recall, when the character tried to figure out how it worked, they didn't bring out the spell book, they brought out the tools.

But now that I think about it, there might have been some mystical writing on the thing.

I guess I should join a Supernatural forum and get the answer.
Hardly anything is simple science on Supernatural. Compared to shows like Fringe and Doctor Who where they give you a science answer for everything. Supernatural always has a mystical explanation for everything. So by simple virtue of being on the show I would consider the Colt to be mystical.

What I meant when I said that we don't know how or why it is so powerful is that they never explained what sort of magic or spells Samuel Colt acquired and used on the gun. It's a big mystery that last week's episode unfortunately did not explain despite a Samuel Colt appearance. As for Ruby's dagger, we don't even know how she acquired it, but it always seemed to be just as strong as the Colt

While I have not seen the most recently aired Supernatural episode ("Mommy Dearest, with Amber Benson will be on tonight or tomorrow in my neck of the wood), apparnetly the Winchesters travel back in time to meet Samuel Colt, so there very well could be an explanation now available for why the Colt can defeat all but the most ornery of demons.
What? Where's Vera? ;-)
The creators of Supernatural sometimes talk about wanting to do a Samuel Colt spin-off, which I think would be super awesome, though probably not as easy of a sell (we all know how well western-hybrid tv goes over!)

Anyway, the Colt WAS supernatural; I remember a pentagram carved into the handle and some Enochian writing on the gun (I want to say on the bullets too, which is why they couldn't use just any bullets in it). Given the way Angels do magic on that show...
I don't think Vera is a handgun. It seems as if even Jayne needs two hands to handle her.
Vera is very clearly a rifle (or a long gun anyway - I suppose it's possible it's got a smooth bore and so isn't strictly a rifle), just assumed that commenter was kidding.
While I'm sure Jayne could fire Vera one-handed, the Callahan Fullbore Auto-Lock (with double thorough gauge) is apparently a heavy (anti-materiel?) rifle and the base gun for Vera - a Russian Saiga 12 - is an automatic shotgun...pretty sure both weapons would be intended for use with a double-handed grip stance.

So yeah, not handguns per se ;D
I personally feel that without RoboCop's Auto-9 on this list, it's invalid.

But that's me. ;)
I personally feel that without RoboCop's Auto-9 on this list, it's invalid.

But that's me. ;)
NL197 | April 28, 17:27 CET

I totally agree! I was rather surprised when neither nor the FB poll results seemed to get the Auto-9 added to the list. I know I was impressed the first I saw it ;P
Yeah bit of an oversight. His leg is his holster FFS ! How much more awesome do they need ? The comments caught most of the guns the list itself missed though (or maybe considered but found wanting/unqualified) including one I can't believe I forgot myself - what you reach for when dead isn't enough but "sploosh" is just right, the fuckest uppest itself, the BFG9000 (OK it's very not a handgun and from a game but it's a sci-fi game and you use your hands to hold it so, y'know... ;).

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