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April 26 2011

(SPOILER) Supernatural clip starring Amber Benson. "Mommy Dearest" airs Friday at 9/8c on The CW!

And in related news... renewed for Season 7!
^ I'm so glad, I just hope it pulls a Buffy and ends there.
Lenore! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

And in related news... renewed for Season 7!

It was?

I just hope it pulls a Buffy and ends there.

The Wild West episode last week was...not as awesome as I thought it would be, but now we get more Amber! Hee! I cannot WAIT to see Lenore again. Definitely my favorite minor character.
Oh, sure. And I have to work. Pooh.

Then again, I didn't see the first episode she was in, so I don't know her character at all. (I only got into the show this season due to reruns last summer.)

Yay for renewal!
I wish we could get more focus on Castiel's storyline. This season is juggling a bunch of storylines that are all cool but doesn't seem to want to settle on one

So Supernatural and Fringe are renewed. Saying a prayer for Chuck. Ok, that was a bit over dramatic. Hope that twitter the sponsors campaign works out
Australian poor tv hasnt had season 6 yet! Wasn't Amber a vampire in season one or two?
Well Amber Benson is likely to have her character die in season 6 episode 19 of a supernatural-themed TV series. Who coulda thunk it?
acutally treenie Australian Tv is showing it right now. But I really can't be bothered to watch it. I still love it, but not as much anymore. I'm gonna wait for the DVD release.
This season has been a bit ho-hum but the show has some very strong Whedonverse connections so congrats to the cast and crew. The Julie Benz episode is probably my favourite standalone episode. Beautifully shot and acted.
By George, nonbeliever93, I think you might be right! That's just uncanny. I wonder if they did it on purpose.

*pout* I don't want Lenore to die.
Sorry Nathan, i meant country tv stations, we're in the third world catagory if you live more that 30min out of any major city. (at least in WA.
Oh, okay apologies. I guess you'd have trouble accessing Channel 11. You're not missing much, it's a lot of touched by an angel and 7th heaven. With a few good things intertwined.
Glad to see Amber again; I enjoyed the last episode she was in. Slightly worried about a new season, however. As much as I love the show, I worry that they might not have a set direction anymore. I'd hate for Supernatural to become another Smallville.
Fringe was renewed??? Oh I'm so glad! I've just recently fallen in love with it and figured that meant it was doomed.

Tried Supernatural and didn't like it particularly. But yay Amber, all the same. She deserves to be on my TV screen more often.

(Well, technically it's a laptop screen, since I don't own a TV. But same principle.)
Yes, Fringe has been renewed in the FRIDAY NIGHT DEATHSLOT!!!

By FOX!!!!


Miracles do happen people. Though I think a lot of Dollhouse, Firefly and Sara Connor Chronicles fans may have a legit reason to hate Fringe now LOL

I would say to anyone who hasn't gotten into Supernatural after giving it a shot to be patient with it and try to watch the episodes in order. It is one of those shows that just got better with each season. Though season 6 has been a little bit hit and miss. I wouldn't call it bad though. It just feels unfocused likely due to the change in showrunners. Season 5 is a tough act to follow. It was very epic and had a sense of closure to it

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Grants Pass, Oregon? That is just too weird and random. Small town in southwestern Oregon where I spent a lot of time as a child. Funny.
I admit never really warming up to the show, but as of the opening segment of last night's epsiode, I'm officially done.

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