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April 27 2011

David Denman skips over to the comedy Traffic Light. The actor talks his new Fox comedy, plus The Office and his experiences of playing Skip on Angel.

Quite enjoying this, funny and quirky without being too "LOOK ! WE'RE QUIRKY!". Liza Lapira's brilliant in it too, we caught a glimpse of her funny chops on 'Dollhouse' but she really gets to show them off here. It's very sitcommy though, one of those shows where there's a lesson learned by the end of most episodes. Could be 'Community's forever slightly spoiled that sort of show for me.
Nice little interview. I haven't watched the show yet, but I may give it a shot. Also, holy crud, how did I not know Roy was Skip?! Blew. My. Mind.
Sometimes, I am astoundingly oblivious. Not only did I not know Denman was Skip (and by Odin's beard, he was amazing in that role), I only now realized he was Pam's ex (the guy who used to work in the warehouse, right?). Three very different characters. Guy's good.
Agree about the show's merits. Both couples feel real. Hope it stays on.
Roy is Skip?

Head. Blown.

But, you know, not like the way Skip's brain gets kind of blown by the bullet from Wesley's gun.

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