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April 27 2011

Olivia Williams on Private Passions this Sunday. It's like Desert Island Discs for posh people, so she's probably not going to pick anything by a Whedon.

In fact that page tells you exactly what she's picking doesn't it? No point in listening really. Well done BBC. You can listen to it online for 7 days afterwards, if the BBC deem you suitable! I think!

Also, in the back of next week's Radio Times (it's like EW for posh people) there's one of those trite Q&A things. Unfortunately it's not online, and looking at the RT website I don't think it will be so here's the interesting bit:

RT: Which TV show would you take to a desert island?

OW: I did a show called Dollhouse and it was written by Joss Whedon. It is to my shame that when I worked with him I'd never seen his masterpiece Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I'd take all seven series of Buffy and educate myself in the art of Joss Whedon.
144 episodes too, good bang for yer buck, sensible lady. I'd be tempted to take 'Fawlty Towers' for instance but at 12 episodes I bet i'd get sick of even that eventually. Even 'Porridge' is only 20.

No point in listening really. Well done BBC.

What and miss Olivia Williams' dulcet tones !? Must admit I feel bad for her, clearly she didn't have enough slots to fit Agadoo in (or she may just be a big fan of classical music but that has the feel of crazy talk to it).
She's in the Radio Times to whinge about BT but also to promote her new TV show in which she has the lead role. Case Sensitive is a detective show which, despite it being yet another of that ilk, the chief TV reviewer in the RT was very positive about. It's on ITV1 on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
What and miss Olivia Williams' dulcet tones !?

Whilst she's obviously a nice enough person, her voice doesn't really do it for me. In the way that, say, Kirsty Young does.

Also, she's picked the wrong end of Mahler 2, IMO. And the wrong recording.
Preaching to the choir here mate, I said she should've gone for Agadoo, endless replay value. Or 'Merry Christmas Everybody' by Slade.

And yep, Kirsty Young's got a nice voice but it's just a smidge too much like my sister's to press those buttons (actually my sister probably sounds more like Kirsty Wark but it's definitely one of the Kirstys). Men speaking in RP sometimes presses my "reflexively punch them" button but with women it's usually the other one.

(may check out that 'Case Sensitive' too, not really too keen on that whole 'Waking the Silent Wire in the Midsomer Messiah' sort of thing but it's a pretty decent cast and maybe they'll find a way to freshen it)
So I googled Desert Island Discs because I have no idea what it was (because I was wondering why there would be a radio program about Dessert Islands for posh people-- for one thing, what are dessert islands and what do they taste like?). I can't wait to hear the program.

BTW, @CultBoxTV is interviewing Olivia tomorrow and wants to know if the twitter population wants to ask any questions.

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she should've gone for Agadoo

Raymond Box did select Cliff's "Congratulations".

I'll leave the reader to Google the two thirds of that sentence that probably only make sense to me.

And I think you're allowed to pick The Beatles and stuff like that. Y'know, as long as it's proper music.

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Desert Island Discs, Agadoo, Kirsty Young, Kirsty Wark, Raymond Box, 'Waking the Silent Wire in the Midsomer Messiah', Cliff's "Congratulations" ... this thread just has way too much stuff to google.

At least I know what Fawlty Towers and The Beatles are. :-)
And Google luckily for us all (since if you google Google the universe implodes. Or so i've been told).

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