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April 28 2011

Big Damn Heroes are cheap. Amazon has Firefly Blu-ray for $33.99! I might just have to get a second set for that price.

And Serenity Blu-Ray is only $9.99 (i bought a second copy two days ago :)
To this day I still feel burned after getting the Firefly Blu-ray on its release day, at nearly $100 when it was literally days later that the price dropped.

I got Serenity on Blu on its release day as well, but it wasn't remotely as expensive.

I do fail to understand why anyone would buy a second copy of anything though.
@nl197 - meaning i bought a blu-ray, after owning it on dvd, and just getting a blu-ray player.
I often buy several copies of these things when they're cheap, to use as birthday presents and such. Sadly, not enough of my friends have BluRay yet...
My Blu-ray player also upgrades DVD's so my Firefly DVD will do:-) I did buy a Serenity Blu-ray for the extra special features though:-)

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