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April 28 2011

CBR Interview with Chris Ryall taking stock of IDW's Angel run. The Editor-In-Chief looks back on IDW's Angel experience.

very good last issue, wished we saw more characters, but still pretty damn good, at least we still have the last issue of SPIKE and the year book. lol and i wonder if Joss is just kinda forgetting about Gunn, he's mention spike, Ilyria and connor several times for S9 but no Gunn.
Nice interview.It was so obvious that the gang at IDW had a lot of love for Angel.

The new series will have a lot to live up to!
I didn't realize that "Kelly Osbourne" wrote "Aftermath." LOL!

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WesKnight - Yes, hence the quotations marks. They have since, not unexpectedly, edited the article. But it did read:
And it was a really tough thing to follow a Joss story, especially "After The Fall" which had turned into this 17-issue epic. It was really hard for Kelly Osbourne, who came on after with a five-issue run.

Canon has never been a big concern to me, I'm with Ryall, it's canon if I like it.
I loved AFter the Fall, I was completely open-minded to Kelly Armstrong and Aftermath. Until the first issue. It was terrible, I was out. Willingham was even worse.
But saying that, I was done with Season 8 very early on as well. Canon or not, I didn't like it. Of course now I'm conflicted because although Season 8 has not been canon to me, some fabulous spuffy writers have been doing some wonderful post Season 8 fic anyway and I've been enjoying it. Very confusing.
I wonder if Kelly Osbourne would have done a better job. ;) Her mom did interview Marsters once.

But it does make me sad. IDW has so much love for the product and Brian Lynch particularly was outstanding.

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