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April 30 2011

Free Tickets for Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Taping 6pm on Tuesday May 10th in Los Angeles, CA.

Show will air that night after midnight.

Is this his thirty-second time on Jimmy Kimmel?
Why oh why did I move away from California?
Do you think they'd consider throwing in a free return ticket from Melbourne, Australia too?

I stopped counting after two. Hmmm, Internet Movie Database to the rescue. This will be #4.

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For some reason I read this as Jimmy Fallon (probably wishful thinking) and almost had a heart attack out of excitement because something awesome and Whedony was FINALLY happening in New York instead of LA. Alas. I need to move to California.

Hmmm, sounds like some New Yorkers have a tv show to make suggestions too. Besides Saturday Night Live...

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