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May 02 2011

(SPOILER) Tonight on ITV1 - watch Olivia Williams in 'Case Sensitive'. The first part kicks off at 9pm BST and the second and final part airs at the same time tomorrow night.

I watched the first episode. The story took a while to build, but the performances were fine, and Olivia shone.
Totally forgot it was on, hopefully it'll be on catchup.
@Saje. It is on ITV player. I'd say it's worth a gander.
She's brilliant in this. Just watching the second episode now. Her character is actually pretty funny.
I'd say it's worth a gander.

I'd say you're right viewingfigures ;). Quite enjoyed that, everyone was good, the mystery was pretty decent but what stood out for me was, it didn't really stand out (and I mean that in a good way). There wasn't a hi-concept gimmick (like He's posh ! She's scruffy ! Can they overcome their... blah blah) and Zailer wasn't written as a super-woman or even the backdoor variant, an Everywoman Struggling Against the Odds™, she was just a woman who was a police detective with various strengths, weaknesses, insecurities etc. Kind of like a human being really.

I'd definitely watch if they made more.
@Saje - I couldn't agree more with your reasoning. I also liked that it didn't go the torture porn route. Not that I can't handle my gore but I find it gets boringly repetitive unless it's handled extremely well.

@fivebyfivefaith - Heh. Yeah one of my favourite lines was "I've even got a description...of sorts"

On another note entirely,having seen THAT house in so many adverts and photoshoots as an object of perfection, I couldn't help a teensy bit of Schadenfreude creeping in when I saw the scum around the top of the pool/water feature. Still a nice place to live mind.

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