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May 03 2011

"Oh, Season 7 is GO for Bones". David Boreanaz broke the news earlier on Twitter.

Haha, great news!
Glad to hear.
wow, hard to believe that he's almost been doing Bones (Booth) for as long as he was doing Angel... Still looks pretty close to how he did when AtS went off the air too!
I actually think David looks even better now. He's aged very well! Yum.
Break out the COCKY belt buckle, Agent Booth.
Can't believe it's been that long since Not Fade Away. Not a big fan of Bones but I am really glad Boreanaz has gone on to some more mainstream success on t.v. (much like Fillion and Castle), he deserves it.
FOX issued a press release confirming the news.

I'm a fan of the show and have been watching since the first episode aired(and have all the DVD season sets of the show )so I'm very happy right now.

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Great news! I am relieved to hear that we can still expect to see David Boreanaz on our television screens next season!
I don't really see the appeal of shows like this, but I am glad he is still getting work and exposure. Same goes for Fillion
YAY! Very happy about this. I love the show and have loved this season and eagerly look forward to more. :D
It's a fun, but not great show. The supporting characters don't have any appeal to me. I prefer, in the same line, Rizzoli & Isles.
I found Rizzoli and Isles unwatchable but look forward to the interesting characters on Bones every week. Takes all kinds.
Honestly, I find all of these cop/detective shows rather boring. They all seem to use the same formula whether it's NCIS, Bones, Law and Order, the Closer, etc.

To quote Dean from Supernatural, "I hate these cop shows, there's like a million of them"

I've always felt David Boreanez could do better, but I'm sure it must be nice to be on a show with a bigger audience than Angel

I did kind of like Monk though. At least that show had a unique main character, much like House

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