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May 03 2011

"The Guild" nominated for American Library Association's "Great Graphic Novel for Teens". Chris Samnee, artist on "A Shepherd's Tale", is also nominated for "The Mighty Thor".

Felicia Day's Guild comics are my favorite things she's written. Lots of Codex.
Her writing is incredibly good for the comics.
Oh that's pretty cool! Grats to Felicia! =)
I really liked the Guild graphic novel by Felicia. Are there any other Guild comics??
@Squishy There's the 3 issues on Codex (latter compliled into one), then they are releasing 5 one shots, each one about one of the other 5 main characters. They've released "Vork" and "Tink". "Bladezz", "Zaboo" and "Clara" are next.

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