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May 03 2011

Summer Glau reflects on Joss Whedon, sci-fi women and River's edge. A very cool interview over at Hero Complex.

Wonderful interview... but I wish it was longer.
I think Nathan said he was doing an interview with Hero Complex as well.
Really liked the interview. Always nice to hear/read from Summer.
Very cool read!
Nice interview that. Summer speak good.

(also didn't know Danny Pudi and Peter Dinklage were in 'Knights of Badassdom' i'm now even more interested in that. So about infinity + 1 interested)
That was lovely at every level.
What Saje said on the Badassdom thing. And man, charmer just doesn't begin to describe Ms. Glau.
So lovely and thoughtful and humble. She's a treasure.
Ms. Glau's start as an actress will drive her career, I think.

When you've had a taste of how good it can be early in your career, you keep looking for that again. I am only recently understanding how much my second real job has colored decades of career since. It was brilliant, and amazing, and an accident.

We will see big things from Summer Glau, because along with the joy, the talent and the discipline from her former would-be career, she's also filled with, you know, longing.
Excellent point, BierceAmbrose!

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