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May 03 2011

New movie for David Boreanaz. Independent film, Officer Down, shooting during Bones hiatus starring Stephen Dorff, Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord.

I think James Woods is in it as well. Hope this one makes it to the theaters.
Oh man, lots of man pretty in this movie if Dominic Prucell is in it too.

Ironically isn't Stephen Dorff the guy who played Deacon Frost in Blade?
It's not ironic (unless i'm missing something) but yep, he sure is ;).

Could be interesting, not a bad cast and DB may get to play slightly against type too though from that description i'm not really sure about the premise or genre. Is it a horror/thriller where Dorff 'sees' the killer and tries to stop him (in which case yay, he presumably stops him when he gets brought to hospital - go the police ! ;) or just a quirky examination of the idea itself (maybe almost more a sci-fi feel) or a genre-bending extravaganza ? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
While I think it's cool that Boreanaz is getting movie roles, and independent films can often be more interesting than mainstream ones, doesn't it seem like he should be a movie star by now? He's pretty much the leading man incarnate, and as we've seen he can do most anything, actorly-wise. I'm only saying I'm surprised he hasn't been cast in star-making movie roles yet.

But maybe he has been offered things he didn't want. Who knows?
Ya I always wondered why he didn't take off in a bigger way. Not that 8 years playing Angel and 6 years playing Booth -both leads and co-leads -in major American TV dramas isn't an achievement!
I actually prefer him as a TV star. I like seeing him about 16 hours a year instead of getting a few movies a year.

But really I think it's just the fact that he hasn't had the time. Television is very time consuming and he has seemed to prefer spending his hiatuses with his family, which makes sense since Bella's only 20 months and he's making 200,000$ an episode.
I would like to see him make more movies, but I don't think he's gonna do much before Bones ends in a year or two.
DB in a movie with Stephen Dorff? Cool!

You know, every time I watch Blade, it's not Stephen Dorff I'm seeing when Deacon's on-screen. It's Christian Kane. *g*
I always feel Nathan Fillion should also be a movie star by now (as many of his fans do), but it's sort of the same thing as Boreanaz (who is only a couple of years older). Maybe they are destined to be mainly TV stars, doing some films along the way.

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There used to be this notion that television was a stepping stone to film, but when you look at the major film stars who have turned to television over the years, the stigma is gone now. It's more about consistent work rather than being a box-office draw and that's a good thing. Gary Sinise with CSI: NY, Terrance Howard, Alfred Molina, Jeff Goldblum and others with the Law & Order franchise, Glenn Close, Forrest Whittaker, and many others all known more for film, have made good lives in television.

My only point is that just because David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion aren't 'bigger' stars in the movies, really isn't a detriment to them at all. It just means more time for us to enjoy them each week as Nocticola said above.

I've been watching and loving David Boreanaz on my television screens for well over a decade and still going, and I wouldn't trade that in for anything. :) Nathan Fillion has been more sporadic but next year will be a decade since Firefly premiered, and that will be a great thing to celebrate! (and those who enjoyed his work prior to that on ABC daytime and sitcom work have had as great a viewing history as well).

It's all good. :)
Thanks for the great responses all. I agree with everything you've all said, especially about Nathan. And I definitely wasn't complaining about getting to enjoy DB's acting 22 eps a year as opposed to a movie or two. I was only saying I would think movie execs would want to take advantage of a guy like him. Or Nathan, of course.

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