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May 04 2011

(SPOILER) Interview with a villain in The Avengers. Awesome.

Yay, Loki will be back in the Avengers! I guess this means they will draw inspiration from the original first issue of the comic? Or maybe the Ultimates redux? I hope some of both.
Pretty obvious from the post credit scene in Thor no?
Slowly but surely the spoilerage is being revealed, in this case I can't imagine they could have kept a lid on it much longer. Love this: "I sat down and I read it and my mind exploded. It is so good and so fun and so huge," he continued. "What Joss Whedon has already done... that screenplay is an achievement in itself."
I wandered onto the IMDb page the other day and the cast list there seems surprisingly apt. Does make me curious about the
I have not seen the post credit scene in Thor. It's not out until Friday where I am.
"So I had to do a little Loki dance in my flat."

I wish this could be added to the random Whedonesque quote list.
At some stage Tom's involvement in the movie will not be classified as a spoiler, I just haven't figured out when. Maybe a few weeks after Thor comes out in the US.
"I sat down and I read it and my mind exploded."

Glad I'm not the one who has to clean up that mess.
I just came home from seeing Thor. I liked it very much, and will look forward to seeing Loki again in The Avengers. I will also look forward to seeing more of Thor :) Chris owned that role.
He was really amazing in Thor, gott say, impressed me verily.
As I said elsewhere, there's Chris - and there's the screen somewhere behind him.
Here's a quick interview with Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) on the experience of being on set down in NM; probably a bit slight for a front page post but thought some of you who, like me, will read anything about this movie ten times in a row, might want to see it:
Chris blew me away. We are going to be talking about him for many years to come. Might want to make some space up there amongst the character headshots. :)
Thor is an excellent film. A brilliant companion film to the Iron Mans. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Every actor perfectly cast. Hemsworth was excellent in the lead role. Great direction by Branagh. Nice FX (but no need to see the unimpressive 3D version... save a few bucks and do the perfectly okay 2D).

If Capt. America too hits the high bar that has already been set, the build-up for Avengers will be huge. Joss will most certainly have his first blockbuster. :)
You know, I actually liked the 3D in Thor - quite a lot.
Speaking of making space for head shots, how weird (and cool) will it be to see A-listers on this site interspersed between puppet heads? Not that the stars of all of Joss's shows shouldn't also be A-listers, but we're looking at Whedonesque possibly becoming the home for A-lister puppet heads.
I was wonder how I missed the premier of "Thor." It hasn't opened here yet!
I don't get why Thor opened in other countries before US? What's up with that? Could I have a non-sarcastic explanation please?
Squishy, the main reason was to combat piracy. It also took advantage of easter holidays overseas and timed the US release to the traditional start of the summer blockbuster weekend. Make sense?
I can always count on you for answers, IrrationaliTV. Thanks much. I'm psyched to see Thor on Friday. Do you guys think The Avengers will be more like the original Avengers or the Ultimates? Or will it be something totally new and more awesome than all that has come before?
To add an ambiguous spoiler - keep an eye out for another new Whedon colleague in "Thor" who has a noticeable supporting sequence but isn't mentioned in the credits. As nobody else is in this person's shots, I'm wondering if the sequence was added once "Avengers" was up and running.
It was added very late in the game, Shapenew. Way after principal photography on Thor was completed.
I saw Thor twice in 3D: once in an IMAX and once in a local cinema. The IMAX was utterly fantastic and engrossing, it added depth and although there were a couple of blurry parts occasionally(could put the blame on my glasses?) it worked very well. When I saw it again at my local it took a while to get used to because what most people say was true -- it was dark. It was like wearing sunglasses. Unless the theatre you're going to is absolutely fully equip for the 3D, see it in 2D, or better yet - find a good 3D cinema.

Re: that cameo? Really? Fitted in nicely. :)

(also, be prepared for some serious dutch angles).

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Yeah the cameo was quite well integrated (or rather, realistically unintegrated). Small thing but I liked that the character called Agent Coulson 'Coulson' rather than 'Sir' or even 'Agent Coulson', in a subtle way it makes it clear that this person isn't within the conventional SHIELD command structure.

Saw 'Thor' on Monday and liked it well enough, nice sense of humour, everyone was good in it (Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston in particular) and it had some nice emotional beats. It didn't quite reach 'great' for me though, something was missing, it felt a bit slight for all the epic settings (and I thought they could've done a better job adapting the costume. I get that they were probably going for a deliberately unearthly look but it looked pretty close to what i've seen of the comic character and didn't work all that brilliantly onscreen IMO). Also, .

(saw it in 2D because after seeing a few i've decided that upconverted films don't gain much and sometimes even lose from the process)
Is everybody on this site from Australia?
Squishy; Thor has premiered in lots of countries that isn't Australia :)
I've only see it once for now, and I was a bit disapointed. The 3D was really bad, I thought there were holes in the screenplay, like what Saje already pointed out, and the action scenes were too "michael bayish" for me. But now I see everyone online being "this movie is great" and all, so I thinks i just have to go again^^.
On a side note the french audio version (yes i'm french) is unbearable and I curse the french theatres for having to wait til the DVD comes out to see the original version :(
So is the Marvel Thor/Loki mythology anything like the actual Norse mythology, or will I be confused or frustrated because I haven't read the comics?
napua, they're close enough for jazz. Characters based on the gods, so basic concepts are similar. That said, Thor is an origin story film, so any differences should be explained to catch you up to speed pretty quickly (I haven't seen the film yet).
I saw Thor on IMAX 3D - I wonder if that effects how well the 3D works? They made us wear giant glasses!
napua, I never read the comics and didn't miss a beat.

gossi, I saw it at the arclight and had to wear those big heavy glasses with the batteries. I'll be seeing it this afternoon in Real3D with the lighter non-battery operated glasses. I'll let you know if it improves the 3D-ness of it all. I could have done without the 3D in my first viewing.
We didn't have the batteries - not sure if it was Real3D or not.

Also, I've never read the comics.

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I will be seeing it in glorious 2D. If I have the money for a movie.
I'm gonna go see it tomorrow, when it opens in the US, which is apparently the last country to get it! Anyway, how cool is it that all these awesome movies are just leading up to this massive Jossean climax that is the Mighty Freakin' Avengers? No pressure though . . . really.

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If you see it in 3D, make sure it's Real D - 3D or digital 3D. It's much better but, still not at all necessary. Movie would have been fine without it and it doesn't add anything really. I'm still looking forward to seeing it a 3rd time in a week or so. :)
Hmm. After having seen Thor, I'm not sure how I feel about Loki as villain. For the god of mischief, he, uh, wasn't very mischievous. (Mopey, jealous, and revenge-seeking yes, mischievous no.)

I thought that aspect worked pretty well myself UnpluggedCrazy (that Loki ).

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