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May 05 2011

How Buffy made it into Call of Duty. The creative lead of Call Of Duty explains the decision to include horror icons.

"B Movie Legends"? I never thought of SMG as one of those.
20th Century Fox lawyers must be twitching.
Buffy is a B movie?
I thought the same thing
I thought Joss intended Buffy to be b-movie? It certainly used the aesthetic, then, you know, subverted it. Also, it's Sarah, not Buffy. Technically.
Well Buffy isn't strictly a B movie but Gellar has starred in a few horror B movies. So I guess thats the link.
But Buffy is the only one where she fought back. In the horror movies she is a victim. I haven't played the game but when I look at the trailer I definitely see Buffy Summers.
I have played the game, it's definitely "Buffyesque". I believe she even used the word "Slay" at one point.
I think it's clear even in the trailer that the SMG character is very much based on our favorite Slayer...sort of like Buffy without saying it's Buffy.
It's designed to be Buffy, except without saying Buffy as nobody wants to get sued. That's my reading upon playing the game anyway.

My review: it has some usability issues. You need 4 players and 3 of them have to press 'Ready' before the game begins. You'd think that would be easy for players to work out - in practice, the last time it took me 10 minutes to find a game where 3 people could press the ready button to start the game. If the Host quits the game, it boots you all out. The game always starts from level 1, so that's very frustrating. And there's no help or tutorials on the levels - you have to rely on your team mates tutoring you. Thankfully I found a few guys who really understood how to play the map well, otherwise I'd have been lost.

But on the positive side: it's a lot of fun. I got to play as Not!Buffy and at one point used a gatling gun to take down about 20 zombies on a boat.

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aaaand what do zombies, Gatling guns, and B movies have to do with Buffy again?

I still think this is stupid. Buffy had absolutely no place in a shooter game. This is just a marketing gimmick
Ha, Arkham258, everything actually. Buffy used a Gatling gun, season three has an episode with zombies and it's premise was all b-movie.

I watched my brother play the beginning of the game earlier and it was so unbelievably nice to hear Sarah use the word "slay". The opening videos are probably on YouTube at this stage. Well worth looking at.
Jaymii put it better than I could, but I'll reiterate: zombies have been a part of the Buffyverse since season 2, I don't remember her using a gatling gun but she did use a rocket launcher that one time, and the entire premise of the show is a spin on the B-movie genre.

I don't think it's a marketing gimmick, since I'm sure Call of Duty has enough loyal fans to keep it going steady. But if you're really that bothered by it, just consider her a different character also voiced by SMG. It's not "really" Buffy.

(It totally is, though.)

I don't see it as a gimmick; I see it as a nod to the continued relevance of the Buffyverse.
Yea, I definitely remember the rocket launcher. And I'm pretty sure Joss didn't have a gatling gun in any form as Joss didn't really like guns in the series and only used them twice that I can think of, both in ways designed to not be "cool". Jonathan in Earshot and Warren in Seeing Red.

I think the closest I can think of other than that was soldier Xander and the Initiative, but they ran around not shooting people with bullets.

Then again, I forget a lot.

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The only time I can remember a gatling gun in BtVS was when Adam's arm turns into one during Primeval. Buffy never used one herself, though.

I love that SMG was included as a part of this and I think itís honouring both her and the character that she played. Sure, Buffy didnít use guns but this isnít technically meant to be Buffy (*wink* *wink*) and itís not meant to be totally accurate anyway. Itís just a bit of fun.

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Ahh, right - of course! (If I were being totally honest, I'd tell you that I thought a Gatling Gun was something else entirely. Not you know, an actual gun thing. Good thing I'm not being totally honest. ;p)
I'd totally play if I had the vaguest idea how :)
It's to do with thumbs apparently.
I'm just saying....

Buffy has never REALLY done zombies. I'm talking about HORDES of rotting, dead bodies attacking Sunnydale with Buffy having to bust out a shotgun, which she would never do. Buffy does vamps, demons and the occasional god, not zombies

I'm pretty sure Buffy has said on more than one occasion that she doesn't do guns. The Rocket Launcher I remember in two episodes. One where she had no other option and one where she was under a spell. Buffy and guns don't mix. It's very anti-slayer. They don't even have gun training. When did we ever see Giles try and show Buffy how to use a pistol? Now Angel, he'll do guns if the mood strikes him, but that's why I like Angel, he doesn't really have rules. Gets him into trouble sometimes though.....

And I've never heard anyone mention Buffy when discussing classic B movies. Certainly, the show took itself more seriously than standard B movie fare

I'm glad everyone is enjoying it though. I love the idea of a Buffy tribute, but I'd prefer it in a game where it's appropriate. I've rambled on enough though. I'll stop being an anal party pooper now
Frankly, I wish they used instead the savage, feral, frighteningly fast vampires from Justin Cronin's book "The Passage" instead of zombies. That would be quite a challenge for players playing SMG.

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