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May 05 2011

io9's 10 coolest bounty hunters in the galaxy. He may not be number one on this list, but he's number one on mine. Maybe if the category had instead been 10 craziest bounty hunters...

Such a great actor. "Am I a lion?" "I have a mighty roar". Hilariously funny and yet chilling too. I love that episode.
Think they had 'Doctor Who' on the brain ("Finally, River Song met someone who could out-crazy her." - right idea, wrong River). Not sure about "cool", bit flattering for the guy that threatened Kaylee with rape but he's a great character, brilliantly played. Some good choices in general and any list featuring Death's Head is OK in my book.

Always gonna be the Fett though, obviously.
Saje, I think that is why he is so interesting. Most other bad guys become "likeable" (ie. Spike), but despite being cool, I will always detest him (in a good way) because of how he threatened Kaylee. :-)
I've gotta go with Brisco. :)
Loved 'Blade Runner' the book and the movie. Harrison Ford was perfect. Liked their little segway into the #1 bounty hunter as well.
"You don't wanna hurt the Fett, 'cause man, you're not comin' back from that!" is the current corner quote.

Wow. I've heard of exactly three of these bounty hunters, and they're the only live-action ones. Wait...four. Brisco, Jubal, Decker (I never have seen Blade Runner) and Bobba Fett.

But Jubal has the best lines:

"You're out of your mind."
"That's between me and my mind."

"Man is stronger by far than woman, yet only woman can create a child. Does that seem right to you?"

"All right, that's all the hide-and-seek I got time for. I know you're on this ship, little girl, so here's how this goes. You show yourself, we finish this exchange, or your brother's brains will be flying every which-a-way. You understand, I'm sort of on the clock here. It's frustrating."

"You know, with the exception of one deadly and unpredictable midget, this girl is the smallest cargo I've ever had to transport. Yet by far the most troublesome. Does that seem right to you?"

But these two exchanges between Jubal and Simon are my favorite:

"You folks are all insane."
"Well, my sister's a ship. We had a complicated childhood."

"Where'd she go?"
"I can't keep track of her when she's not incorporeally possessing a spaceship. Don't look at me."
Love the inclusion of Brisco on the list.

One the tragic aspects of the cancellation of Firefly was the loss of repeat characters like I'm sure Jubal Early would have been. His dialogue was brilliant and the way he threatened Kaylee in a calm, matter-of-fact manner was chilling. Rarely do you see guest characters so well developed.

I also suspect the salvage pirate from Out of Gas and of course Niska would have been repeat characters.
Boba Fett is cheating! He's never even been to our galaxy. What part of "in a galaxy far, far away" doesn't the writer of this article understand? Boba Fett shouldn't be allowed on a list of bounty hunters in the galaxy, unless the galaxy in question is far, far away from our own. Which, judging by the other people on the list, isn't the case. Boba Fett should be disqualified from entering.
@GreatMuppety: That is an excellent point. Kudos to you sir, or mam, whichever the case may be, for pointing that out.
Please, the Fett transcends mere space and time. Pfft.

(couple of points: 1) if you think about it, it actually depends on which perspective the 'Star Wars' text was written from - it could've been written by someone in a galaxy far, far away from ours referring to our galaxy - and 2) it's a bit homocentric to assume that "the" galaxy is the one we - and admittedly, most of the other entrants - happen to be in right now. But yep, good catch)

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