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May 08 2011

(SPOILER) Photos of a set for The Avengers. They were taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

That was a bit anti-climactic, no? :) Or do I not know my comic history well enough?
It is obviously a scene with the Invisible Woman in action! Along with Ant Man and the Wasp. It even has the Micronauts fighting Psyco Man! Anti-climatic, indeed. ;-)
Dang, how did I not see that? I suck at marvel trivia :P
Set in India or Pakistan, judging by the lettering. That tells us not a lot.
Looks like the set from the pilot of Firefly! (The scene where we see the "Good Dogs" sign, meet Book, and Jayne says, "Let's see, nothing divided by nothing, carry the 0...")
That looks a lot like my mom's hometown. What's so special about that?
Oh no, I see a car chase that knocks over vegetable carts in our future.
In other news, "Picture Keeps Internet Talking to Self for Hours Over Nothing in Particular." :)
I agree it is probably where Banner will be hiding out.

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Am I missing something?
I don't know what everyone's complaining about.

The link does exactly what is says on the tin. For extra clarity, Simon even made sure to describe it as "photos of a set" rather then "set photos", to make absolutely sure we all knew when we clicked that we were going to be looking at a building or something.

I don't really know why someone who isn't so excited about this movie that they are willing to stare at set photos would have even clicked.
Uh oh, there's a fruit stand. You know what always happens in films when there's a fruit stand.
I love fruit. Don't feel bad, Ravenwing263. I think it's pretty cool and will click on anything relating to the Avengers.
Uh oh, there's a fruit stand. You know what always happens in films when there's a fruit stand.

You forgot to post a spoiler alert!

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