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May 08 2011

Dollhouse S2 Blu-Ray for $22.49 on, DVD for $16.99. The Dollhouse S2 Blu-Ray is available at Amazon for $22.49! The DVD is also on sale for $16.99. No word on how long this'll be up. I've already pounced!

Thanks! Been waiting for this.
Finally! I just couldn't do it at the original price. Tip: Add Sarah Thompson's Dear Me: A Blogger's Tale ($3.46 DVD) to get the total to $25.95 for free shipping. (I have no idea if Dear Me is any good, but it also has Felicia Day so even if it is terrible it may be worth seeing).
Thank you! Ordered.
If you can, buy the Blu-ray. It has the Easter Egg, the DVD doesn't as far as I can tell.
Also a bonus commentary track with Mr. Tim Minear, if mine mind does recall correctly (IMMDRC--you can have that one for free, kids).
What easter egg, Simon?
I think it's an Adelle/Topher scene.
Thanks to Whedonesque and its ninja linkage, I've bought fourteen seasons of television in the last couple months...and my rewatching of them still hasn't gotten past Buffy Season One. No regrets though!
Darn it! I already bought this a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll buy a second, sealed copy for my collection

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