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May 09 2011

The Avengers will film for two weeks in Ohio. Apparently $30 million will be spent in the state.

I wish I was Ohio, I could do with that cash...
@BlueSkies: But they would film "in" you. "Innerspace"-style maybe.^^
Forget millions, I could do with just $30.
Yes! It was rumored that they would film in Cleveland but this is even better! I live in Cincinnati so this is the best news I could get! Woo Hoo!!!
Roadi, you've made an excellent point. Thank you for the logic. But I think for 30 million I'd let them film my insides, maybe, as long as it's tastefully done.
Um, guys, isn't the second Hellmouth supposed to be in Cleveland?

ETA link

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I am in Cinci, I'll be on the lookout for any news relevant to this!
Thanks for the heads up!
FYI, someone who supposedly leaked the after-credits sequence from Thor correctly has posted a variety of Avengers spoilers somewhere on the imdb page for the film, I haven't read them and don't think I'll be engaging in posting them here going forward but know some might be interested so there's your vague directions for finding them.
I am just suspicious, as everything else Kasich has done in Ohio has been for evil. I hope he doesn't end up giving Joss as much trouble as he gave our Public unions and our transit system.

Maybe Kasich just wanted to show up the governor of Michigan on this one though. It is too bad that Joss is going to help such a douchey republican with polar opposite politics to his own in the polls. I know the financial stuff is not really Joss' call, but the popularity of the film is going to help this guy get re-elected.

I am only 40 minutes north of Cincinnati, and have several Joss/avenger fanboy friends in Cincy as well. So I will also keep an eye out for news of Joss sightings, extras, etc...
This is amazingly cool. I can only hope that Joss is coming with them, but this is only a couple hours drive from where I am and I have friends down there to stay with. Making plans now!
Cool! Within 30 miles covers a lot of towns, including the one I used to live in.

Coming next summer... "Hey I recognize that corn field, I got lost there once and then nearly hit a deer. Good times."
Maybe Banner will be hiding out in Ohio?? Why, oh why, ohio why??
Uh.... "SPOILERS", anyone?
I think it would be ironic if the filming around Cincinnati are meant to be scenes of Vancouver in the movie.
I'm stoked for the Cleveland shoot! It's only 45mins from me and I'm keeping an eye out on casting calls.

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