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May 09 2011

Joss Whedon and Equality Now to speak at SoCal CSTS event. Joss Whedon, Jessica Neuwirth (president of EN), and Amanda Sullivan (director of EN's Women's Action Network) will be the guests at the June 25th SoCal Browncoats Can't Stop the Serenity event in order to thank Browncoats in California and around the world for their past and ongoing support of Equality Now.

Tickets are on sale now. The guests will speak at 7pm with the Serenity screening at 8pm and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog at 10pm.

Wow. Is this the first time Joss has appeared at a CSTS event? Congrats to all who get to attend!
That's quite the coup, kudos. Hope it raises lots of money.
Wow, that got here fast! I didn't even have time to email the mods. Thanks cabri!

We're still working to get more guests. And we are so very thankful that not only Joss, but both Amanda and Jessica from EN will be there. This is going to be a awesome event.

Oh, and let me not forget to thank Therese, the lead organizer for CSTS Los Angeles. After last year's problems with finding a theater, and having the one we picked back out at the last minute, she never gave up and dove into this year before we even knew we'd have guests or anything else. She's dedicated, full of enthusiasm and she's going to run a top notch event.

Now go get your tix before they sell out!
Hah! I kept refreshing the front page because I took my time writing it and was sure someone else would sneak in ahead of me. Wish I could go, this would be the highlight of my overcrowded(not) summer social season. ;) Still waiting to see what's going on here, not sure if we can make Toronto this year. :(
Wished I was in LA then.
First one Joss has done. I won't be there. Sigh. Kudos on the serious get(s), though, LA.

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Boy, do I wish I could justify spending the $100 for that meet-and-greet. But they'll get my 20, anyway.
I cannot get to LA, but can I beg the organizers to tape the event and put the video up online? It really is wonderful that Joss (who must be swamped with work right now) has decided to come and speak. Kudos!
We are definitely looking into getting the event on video. Might be a good thing to launch the (planned) California Browncoats Youtube channel.
The cupboard has been - well, let's not say bare exactly, but certainly less than optimally full - so I sadly had to go w/ the least expensive option, but I haz purchased them already, not wanting to miss this auspicious hometown game. Congrats to you folks who will enjoy your meet-and-greets and reserved viewing. I just feel happy it'll be so easy to get to and there'll be so much to see and hear.

Seriously, I think this event will especially fill the SoCal CSTS coffers. Niiiice get, and verra cool of Joss and Amanda and Jessica to do this do.

I'll be sure to clap from the cheap seats, if you fancier bastards will remember to rattle your jewelry. ; >

ETF: a typo I found looong after the fact...

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While I would have wanted to ask Joss to attend, because I dream big, this literally fell into my lap. I was asked by Amanda at Equality Now if I could schedule the screening for the 25th of June, as Joss wanted to attend, and that would fit into his schedule. I really lucked out in finding one of the only independent theaters in L.A. that wasn't part of a film festival that weekend, and fit our seating needs.

I am confident that this screening can sell out, and be a top contributor to Equality Now. If you have been keeping up on current events, you will know that there is a global war on women; physically, emotionally and politically. Equality Now is at the forefront of many of the battles, and our support is vital in helping create changes that will protect women. (I know, I'm preaching to the choir!)

It is also my hope that this will re-vitalize and expand the Browncoat community.

I am so proud to be a Browncoat!

Thank you James for being there to answer my questions!

And, yes, go get your tickets!!

Fantastic! What a shiny, shiny get! Congrats!
Is this also Jessica Neuwirth's first screening? I can't remember if she hit one in NY.
Looks like you all sold out the $25 reserved seats already. Nice. Got my cheapseats ticket too, QuoterGal. Looking forward to it.
I just don't have the time or money and would so love to be there. I've corresponded with Amanda a few times over the years, so it would be nice to see both of them, not to mention seeing Joss speak in person. I hope there will be video!
Oops. Spent too long pondering whether I can make it on time & missed my chance for the $25 reserved seats. So I'll see QG & ITV in coach. Since I can't get there early, I imagine I'll be in the back row off to the side somewhere.
But there!
Just my luck...I'm scheduled to arrive in L.A. on the 26th. I may cry.

Congrats, SoCal. It's sure to be an awesome event!
Jessica Neuwirth and Amanda Sullivan have both posted on the Universal and .org Browncoat board over the years. One of them (I don't want to blow up who it is) has actually been a very active member of the fandom for a while. So have fun meeting them, peeps!
Looks like meet & greet tix are sold out. I tried to buy one just in case we can leave a day earlier and I get a sold out message.
Oh how I would love to attend. But I'm many states away and cash poor to boot. I hope all have a wonderful time and EN gets pots and pots of money. There is indeed a global war on women, and it's so important to support those organizations seeking to help right the scales a bit.
Not so sure about phrases like "a global war on women" but there's certainly global inequality and bigotry (sometimes having consequences as horrific as war) and events like this help redress that imbalance, very good cause and quite a coup, congrats to the organisers. Hope it raises a stack of cash.

(and fingers crossed Joss' speech will end up on the web somewhere for we foreign types, his Equality Now award acceptance speech still inspires years on)
Yes, Meet and Greet tickets are sold out. As are the $25 reserved seats. You can still get General Admission and the Reserved seats w/ bonus Dollhouse Lithograph.

For all those in the "cheap seats", you might be better off than you think. We are going to try and leave at least 10 seats in every row open for GA. Yes, that means even the front row. Reserved seats will be the "best in house", so center stage in the first 12 rows or so. But we wanted everyone to have a chance to sit in any row, no matter how much they spent. It just may require a little line waiting. :)
Snap. Thanks for that, danregal. It may just be because I'm benefiting, but you guys sure seem to be doing this one right :)
Shout if you're all of a sudden running out of GA. I still have no idea how to do it, but I'm still trying to figure it out. Might take me some time.
Thank Jobo, we want everyone to have a great experience. Usually we just ask ourselves "what would I want when I go to a screening" and go from there. :)

Bix, we'll be tweeting the major markers for sales. Half sold, 100 tix left, etc. (FYI over 20% sold so far).

I encourage everyone to post this on relevant sites and help us spread the word. We're getting an official press release together that will be going out to all the LA and online geeky media outlets. And some non-geeky ones as well.
Congratulations to the CABrowncoats for the coup! I do hope you'll be able to put the guests up on YouTube afterwards. I'm glad your ticket sales are going so well already, but I never doubted it. :)

Yes, saje, I agree about Joss's Equality Now speech. I play it before we watch Serentiy every year at CSTS Vancouver and everyone still reacts with laughter and cheers.
I definitely think that the CA Browncoats are doing this the right way: the tickets (even the reserved seats) are affordable, and the 'meet and greet' price is a steal (compared to conventions I've been to). People will come feeling that they still have money to spend on the auctions! You'll sell out ahead of time, which is kind of sad because I'm sure you'll end up turning away a lot of fans.

You'll all a fun and successful event, congratulations to all the organizers.
Tickets are now over 50% sold out. We have only a few reserved seats w/ Dollhouse litho remaining. The bulk of what's left is general admission.
I bought a GA even though I as of yet have no way to be there.
I really wish I could swing this, but it's a bit sadly it's a tricksy time for me to try to fly to the US. I hope everyone has a blast though!
@sage, please read this. " Lawmaker says women should plan ahead in case of rape since he carries a spare tire."

The work Equality Now does is global. It saddens me to know that we are so far from equality here in the USA There is a war on women.
As I say above, I agree that there're horrific crimes committed against women due to inequality and prejudice, I just don't agree that "a global war on women" is either an accurate or helpful description and in general i'm not a big fan of rhetoric or misappropriation of language, no matter how worthy the cause (because it may alienate a lot of the people you're trying to reach - who may look around thinking "What global war on women ? Are these just extremist crackpots misrepresenting the extent of the problem ?" - as well as provide ammunition to those you never will). The absolute, unadulterated truth is bad enough.

(I also don't like e.g. "war on drugs" or "war on terror" even though both those phrases - ill-defined and basically propagandistic though they are IMO - describe situations, partly facilitated BTW by the phrases themselves, which are closer to waging an actual war as I understand it)

All of which, just to be clear, I readily accept is arguing semantics when people are dying, being traded like crates of fruit, being mutilated in the name of some irrational tradition, being denied education etc. - the most important thing is doing something to change that (however small our individual contribution may be), not what we call it (it's just I think what we call it can help or hinder that aim, however slightly).
@Saje, I can agree with your comments re: the use of language. Words do carry power, and negative words can hinder the desired outcome. I will endeavor to find more descriptive ways to draw attention to the issues without sounding like an alarmist or fanatic!

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