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May 09 2011

J is for Joss Whedon wearing a Jetpack. Someone's made an adorable ABC book for their baby daughter. See all the pics (including the one for the letter 'j') here.

Yep, that's pretty darned adorable. Now I want a grandchild so I can make one, too.
Looks like Jayne to me. ;)
That book is absolutely adorable - and TOTORO!!!
Better than that other alphabet someone put him in.
****Edited to revise my foggy memory that Jonathan had a jetpack...I forgot he was left out.****

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Conclusive proof that everything is better with jetpacks, even Joss Whedon and the alphabet.

Dorkily adorable. Yep, adorkable.
You mean this one? ;-)

thanks for linking to that one, somehow I missed it before...
and come on... that picture is awesome. the jetpack thing is cute, yeah, but this? <3
Love it! Olive is lucky to have such a creative and caring mother .... a handmade, interactive, educational, personalized, mildly geeky book like this is just the way every baby should start her life. Encouraging to be reminded that there are really good parents in the world (especially after that devastating article I read this this morning, about a little girl with horrifyingly bad parents).
May Olive grow and flourish by the grace of Jod

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