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May 10 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about "Call of the Dead". There's also a clip of her in the studio reciting various lines of dialogue for the game.

HAH! Like.
Aww, I've missed her and just realised how good the girl doing her voice on the video games was for Buffy. Must get this game now...
Nice! Flashback to "Who Are You?" :) Because it's wrong!
While the girl that voiced Buffy in the games was all right, I would've much preferred if SMG had done the role instead. It was nice seeing her again in the interview though.
Why didnt SMG voice Buffy in the games?
Why didnt SMG voice Buffy in the games?
jighooligan101 | May 10, 14:52 CET

Well...let's see...possible reasons - I imagine - can include:

1) Sarah's schedule didn't give her the time at the right moment;

2) Sarah wasn't a big fan of video games until now;

3) Developer didn't have the scratch to pay SMG for doing voice work
Man, she is still so pretty. Especially when she smiles! Crushing hard (sorry Freddy).
You aren't the only one crushing hard, she's freaking gorgeous.
WOW, Sarah is just so freaking beautiful! Oh how I miss seeing her every week. Gorgeous.
This is a great little interview and i too miss SMG on my tv every week. I hope Ringer does as well as i hope it does, it would be great o see her in something again. I wouldn't mind seeing this game become a movie, she would kick zombie ass.
She is stunningly gorgeous. My best friend actually looks like Sarah. I've already admitted to her that our friendship was initially based only on her looks :)
I have lost more than a few hours to this. For those who haven't played yet but plan to my advice is stay far away from Romero and if he gets angry go to the water to cool him off. Don't know how many times I died before that one was figured out.
I was playing with these guys I had never met online and the guy who got SMG was pissed he had to be the girl and I let them know I was super pissed I didn't get to be Buffy (i was Danny Trejo so it wasn't too bad.) He then said he was more pissed that being her meant he didn't get to look at her, so there you go.
I bought the game the day the DLC with Call of the Dead came online, just for Ms. Gellar.
Yep. Make sure NOBODY shoots Romero, even by accident, or it will set him angry. To calm him down, as said, take him to the water. At the bottom of the lighthouse thing there's a frozen slide which you can use to escape a tight zombie spot. You can also use the zipper line at the top of the building to scoot across to the boat (jump at it), but beware - zombies can follow you. There's also a few containers dotted around which give a random weapon. These are cool. I found a gatling gun on the boat somewhere -- that kicks ass.
@jighooligan101 I remember reading somewhere that SMG would have voiced Chaos Bleed if the developers had given her the script beforehand. She wanted to be sure that these extensions of the verse were loyal to the franchise.
Yeah I believe it was because there was no script, apparently she was super picky about howher character was portrayed, which i kinda liked about her.
Hrm, were they aware beforehand that Hobo with a Shotgun was going to be one of the Grindhouse trailers that would ever become an actual movie?

Also I am sort of curious how many different line readings they made her go through to pick from. Like I'm aware one thing voice over people sort of loathe is all the grunting they have to come up with and try and vary it for each situation but I assume when it comes to dialogue they just pick one iteration and keep repeating it?

As for the actual interview, it was great that SMG was familiar enough to recognize that there are female gamers out there and the opportunity to give them a literal voice, but I do wonder if she was slightly overselling the historical aspects. (Or are earlier Call of Duties like the first Starcraft where people still play it for tourneys?)
Like I'm aware one thing voice over people sort of loathe is all the grunting they have to come up with and try and vary it for each situation but I assume when it comes to dialogue they just pick one iteration and keep repeating it?

Voice acting is surely the same as acting in general in that the performers often offer/are asked for different takes on the same scene (a range of emotions for instance) so the director/producers can pick the most appropriate for the final cut.

I.e. even if they use the same reading over and over in the game (which happens less than it used to anyway, cut-scenes/voices etc. being more context sensitive than in days of yore), they'd still want a choice initially so they're not screwed if the slant of the game/level design changes slightly later on (it's not like they can just phone up and say "Hi Sarah, you know you said 'Die zombie filth !' with loads of gravitas before ? Well now we need an ironic/nonchalant/funny one, can you pop in this afternoon ?" Or at least, they can't do that without paying for it, getting their people to call her people etc.).

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