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May 10 2011

Eliza Dushku planning live video chat with fans today. It's at 5pm PST, which is 90 minutes from this post. As announced on Eliza Dushku's Facebook page.

I was there! It was a nice conversation she had with her fans. I wish the people video chatting with her would have asked better questions.
I was in the room and little of note happened. Mostly Eliza reacting to face to face chat while looking beautiful as always. She stayed on for just over and hour. Unfortunately Tinychat only provides 11 direct video chat users and the majority of them camped. This wouldnt be an issue if they had actually asked some pertinent questions. Most questions asked by cam users were of the "where are you?, cats/or dogs?" variety with no actual new info.

I tried to ask some questions about her new pilot, thoughts on the Buffy reboot etc. but was reneged by the flood of the basic chat room. Over 1500 users logged and it was quick flowing and pretty much impossible to read (which she tried).

She is so awesome to be doing this though. It felt like a real connection with fans. I just wish said fans had had better questions........

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What was her big announcement?
Unless I missed it, no big announcement was made. Rick Fox was shown in a sweep for a moment, but the majority of the video cast was Eliza asking questions to the on-cam fans who were star struck and mostly silent.

A Mother did feature her 9 year old son saying he was a brown belt in karate. Eliza then went into a story that she had throwing stars and the like hidden in her closet at an early age, and then apologized for mentioning this to her martial arts children which was a funny moment. Someone commented that she is weaponizing the children which drew a reaction and laugh.
Picture of the moment alcabongTV describes and photo of Eliza chat. This was a big experiment and some things didn't work well, but a lot did - there was fun had. Lots of lessons learned. I actually think this would be fun to do with more Whedon folk when there's projects being announced etc.

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She looked purty.

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