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May 10 2011

Nathan Fillion rocks Castle in this interview with AssignmentX. The actor talks his current series, plus Drive, Desperate Housewives, One Life To Live, Captain Mal and his theory of his personal appeal.

Yep. That DRIVE fiasco was... fiasco-y. Nathan's a real star. My non-news.

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I really liked that interview.

His response to the One Life to Live question made me think that working in a Soap Opera is a bit of a trial by fire - I can imagine it would be a good way to see an actor's natural ability and also their ability to grow and improve the longer they stay with the soap. I am curious about how he acted in it, and how (if) his acting ability changed - maybe he was just awesome from the get go? Does anyone here know?
I think I remember one of Nathan's first scenes on One Life to Live. I remember he had a scene with Dorian, the villainess on the show, and he spoke some bad Italian since his character just came back from visiting Italy. In reality, his character was SORASed; the previous actor was a teenager. My first impression? He was not good, lol. Kinda cheesy, kinda hammy. He definitely got better over the years though I did not become a real fan 'til Firefly.
I always end up being a bigger fan every time I read/see a new interview with him. :) Thanks for posting!
Desperate Housewives isn't my show, but I was channel-surfing once and caught Nathan dressed as Frankenstein's monster delivering a baby. It was a delightful moment.

(ETC Frankenstein's monster, not Dr. Frankenstein)

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Nathan always gives wonderful interviews! Which reminds me, wasn't he on Kimmel tonight? I'll check my DVR.
Anyway I think Nathan hit it on the nose... it must be that waft of maple syrup. MMmmm
AX: Sometimes it seems like hes making progress in his relationship with Beckett, sometimes it seems like hes losing sometimes it seems like hes got control and shes losing

FILLION: ...I think its a tennis game that people want to see...

Hmm, tennis ? Not really my cuppa char. My least favourite part of 'Castle' and the one area where the writers (who IMO make an effort to produce decent weekly mysteries and succeed more often than many procedurals) seem frankly lazy and happy to resort to the oldest cliches (like last week's where she opens her door just as he closes his ? Almost shouted at the TV, literally. We've also had "He/She's about to tell him/her how they feel but Oh noes! The other's got a new girl/boyfriend !". I'm just waiting to tick off "He/she finally tells him/her how they feel then one of them gets amnesia" ;). Well, half ';)' anyway).

Reasonable interview in general though, even if the questions maybe weren't brand new it's always a pleasure to hear what the Cap has to say (and he can only play what's put in front of him).
I'm just following Saje around and agreeing with him today - that's also my least favourite part of Castle. They take two adults, reasonably intelligent in every other aspect of their lives, and when it comes to them talking about their feelings for each other suddenly they're 12 year olds? Yuck. It makes me respect the characters less.

But I loved Nathan's answers to the Drive questions. And I really like that he's always so appreciative of every role that he's had - he seems like a genuine class act.
For the relationship, I think the writer's should reference last season's ep "Food to Die For". The plot had the girl kept coming back to the bad boy chef, but knew he wasn't good for her in a long-term relationship. And that the chef decided he had to make major changes in the way he behaved in order to convince her to be with him. In hindsight, that pretty well explains why Beckett and Castle are keeping their distance, despite their devotion to each other.
I love when the "crew" calls each other out. (Sean Maher, I'm talking to you.)

The very last paragraph of the interview had me snickering out loud. I love him a little more every day. :)
This reminds me that I need to see Trucker.

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