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May 11 2011

Whedon topics on Quora. Recently started exploring Quora and found lots of Whedony topics, including BTVS, Angel, Firefly, Nathan. Lots more to find, given time. Oh, and Felicia answers questions on her topic.

No comments? I'd hoped there'd be some interest in the questions/answers on the site. If you're curious on what Quora's about, here's the Wired magazine article that got me looking into it.
I answered one of the "Angel" related, well the only Angel related question that was posted.
I first heard about Quora from the Wired article, but it wasn't until I saw this posting on Whedonesque that I checked it out. Now I'm addicted! It was the topic, "which is better, In-N-Out or Five Guys" that really sent me over the edge. So, quacky, thanks -- I think!

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