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May 10 2011

Fox cancels 'The Chicago Code'. Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear's show is no more. Same for 'Human Target', 'Breaking In', 'Lie To Me' and 'Traffic Light'.

The most shows cancelled in one go?

Lie To Me was IMO the strongest of this bunch. FOX continues to add to its resume of good shows cancelled before their time.
And Rob Duncan did the music for this. So much Buffy cancelling(he also did Tru Calling and Point Pleasant to add to his Buffy related cancellations. And for other Shawn Ryan realted cancellations he did the music on Terriers too).
I really liked this show though. Oh well.
FWIW, Tim mentioned on Facebook earlier that he was already slated to head over to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck's AMERICAN HORROR STORY over on FX.
Tim Minear can not catch a break, damn!
Can Joss go all Oprah and make his own network and then give Tim a show and not cancel it? Pretty please?
I watched Lie to Me regularly, once I got it sorted out from The Mentalist, and will miss it. I suppose there's no chance that another network will pick it up. I agree with alcabong TV that the series had some life left in it.

The episodes of Chicago Code I watched were decent and had at least one original and well written character (the black political boss) but the show didn't hook me for some reason.

I never even heard of "Breaking In" or "Traffic Light". Must not have gotten much promotion.
I don't know, I thought "Lie to Me" was pretty awful. It had a decently long run for a Fox show with mediocre ratings, no?
American Horror Story will be amazing. Perfect for Tim. Very FX. Terriers (RIP) was FX lite. AHS should be FX hardcore. Chicago Code will be missed and I hope the stellar (yet not well used) cast from Human Target find other positions quickly. This is a mercy for the not at all funny Breaking In and I'm not surprised by Traffic Light.

Here's hoping that the new comedy "The New Girl" with Zooey Deschanel works better.

Lie to me had more seasons/chances than such a mediocre deserves.

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Zooey Deschanel is working on a pilot with FOX? I love her acting and singing so much, I need to see a preview to believe she would try a pilot with FOX. This kind of hurts my independent soul...HA
Zooey's show has been ordered to series. It will be on in the fall. I'm sure there will be clips by next Monday at the latest after Fox's upfront presentation.
I can't believe they cancelled Human Target. I love that show.

At least I still have the entire second season to watch. That's a little bright spot to getting shows later here.
@maxsummers I told you we already have that in the future! We're very advanced!
I really enjoyed The Chicago Code. I will miss it.
Chicago Code was great. But Human Target? I loved that show! Remind me again why I watch Fox?
I like that they didn't take no prisoners. FOX needed a new lineup, one that got steady ratings again. FOX love going for shows that are wildly erratic and either take the world by storm or be instantly forgettable so hopefully they have more gems in their pickups.
Fox renewed Fringe against all odds. For that alone they get at least a years worth of slack from me. Maybe 2.
I liked Chicago Code, and I really liked Lie To Me, but it is typical that they cancel what I like on the networks (luckily I watch mostly cable shows).
Tim Minear gets to work on a lot of awesome shows.
Although not necessarily for very long.

'Lie to Me' was a bit patchy but probably the most interesting straight procedural on at the moment IMO (Tim Roth gave Lightman a genuine edge, I really felt like I didn't always know what he was gonna do next), i'll miss it but it went out on a bit of a high (the scene in the prison between Lightman and the killer-of-the-week - see 'edge' comment ;) - in either the final episode or near final) and got longer than it probably should've.

'Human Target' is a mercy kill, in season 1 it was a fluffy, insubstantial but hugely enjoyable action-adventure show with great, original stunt set pieces/fight choreography, an excellent cast and kind of a unique quirky/dark vibe. In season 2, after changes to the creative team and cast additions/character changes that had "go for mass/female appeal" written all over them it lost most of that, becoming borderline unwatchable.

'Traffic Light' was funny, nothing massively original and very sitcommy but good for a few laughs, minor missage.

'The Chicago Code' I haven't seen but it's just starting over here so I may check it out (except now i'm worried that i'll fall in love with it).

'Breaking In' ? Well... Odette Yustman/Annable is really pretty. Umm, that's about it really.

(though that premise, 'Sneakers: The Series' basically, is ripe for the light action-adventure show treatment I reckon, pretty surprised it hasn't happened before. Maybe a bit too similar to 'Leverage' now though)

ET move a phrase to where Baby Jesus would want it

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I like Lie to Me more than Castle, which I watch only because of Nathan Fillion. Both shows are light entertainment. Lie to Me strikes me as slightly less formulaic but Castle has real mystery writers doing cameos and occasional writer jokes, a plus for a reader of mysteries like myself. Both have single dads raising teenage girls who are more emotionally mature than any teenage girl I ever met (or was). The one with the good ratings is getting renewed. I don't see any moral issue here.
Damn, not again! I really liked The Chicago Code from the start and it was only getting better. Did not see this coming, I had not heared anything about the ratings and foolishly thought the police genre was so popular that even a 'Tim Minear series' would be save.

In a rather poor season overall we get two brilliant new Tim Minear shows (Terriers was even better IMO) and they both get cancelled. Incredible. I suppose I should just be happy we got two brilliant shows. Just hope the ending for The Chicago Code will be satisfying.

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2011-05-11 11:11 ]
Still, at least 'The Finder' (every episode of which I feel like i've already seen, even though it hasn't started yet) got picked up.

...Castle, which I watch only because of Nathan Fillion...

I think that's true of a lot of people to be honest janef. Not that Stana Katic and everyone else don't do a good job, just that without the infeasibly likable Fillion as the co-lead 'Castle's just another procedural with very little to set it apart in a crowded field.
I loved The Shield because it was edgy and hit a morally (dark) gray tone right from episode one. The Chicago Code... its been more by the numbers. Maybe given Fox vs. FX, this is only to be expected. The good guys are mostly good. The bad guys are mostly bad. And never the twain shall meet. Delroy Lindo has been by far the most engaging actor on the show and unfortunately, his character, being "the bad guy", has frequently disappeared for long periods. I still liked The Chicago Code enough to continue watching and I'm sorry it didn't get a little more time to find its footing, but as cancellations go, I guess I'm not all that devastated.
I liked Human Target and Traffic Light, and ill miss them both. not enough to buy the DVDs though. not surprised they were canceled. although Finders might be good light entertainment. and ill watch anyhting with Zoey Dechanel and Sam Niel. even though they are in diffrent shows...
No doubt, I'll miss Lie to Me and I'm sad it went out with kind of a whimper rather than a proper ending. I basically watched Lie to Me and Castle because of their respective leading men, but I thought that Lie to Me generally - not always - had the better writing and more interesting characters. Like Saje said, Tim Roth's element of unpredictability raised the show above the standard procedural. Plus, it's Tim Roth!
I never connected with Chicago Code though I tried for Tim's sake - I thought Jennifer Beals was excellent in it. Just googled around and found that Denis O'Hare is one of the stars in American Horror Story's pilot, which is great news. He's a fantastic actor and will be immediately recognizable from True Blood.
I liked Breaking In. I only watched it for Rosenbaum, but it's cute.

The Finder was a terrible back-door pilot.
I am sad, since I really enjoy Chicago Code, and thought it was going to make it. Spoobert.
I liked Breaking In. But when they cancel shows so quickly it mostly just makes me not try new shows anymore.
But wait, Rosenbaum? As in Michael? The boyfriend? I had no idea!

I just like the premise, the characters, and the lead always reminds me of early Xander. Likeable everyguy.
Wait, there are people surprised Chicago Code was canceled? Are we not following Tim's career closely enough? ;-)

Also, I agree with IrrationaliTV about the renewal of Fringe giving Fox all kinds of leeway. Fringe was outstanding this year and the last batch of episodes (including the finale and the one with the animated sequence) were quite brilliant.
So sorry for Tim, but it sounds like the writing was on the wall if he was already headed over to FX...I'll second what ITV said, doing a horror show on that network does sound like a much better fit. I tried to get into the Chicago Code and for what it was it definitely had some 'above and beyond the genre' aspects...but ultimately it was pretty straightforward cop show, felt a bit watered down by the big network or something. Here's hoping this new show makes for a happy home for Mr. Minear's talents for many seasons to come. Or, you know, at least like 3.
Bummer about Traffic Light. It started off as kind of "m'eh", but has really grown on me since.
@WalkDogger: If you haven't watched s2 of HT, do yourself a favor and delete it. Keep your memory of HT pure with just season one because most of what you probably enjoyed in the first season is gone in the second. If they'd cancelled the show after s1, I would've been really upset, but having watched s2, I'm glad it's gone.
Man, I didn't even know Breaking In had already started airing! Bummer. I enjoyed Human Target quite a bit, most particularly for Jackie Earl Haley. I've yet to see any of the second season. Looks like I'll be waiting for the DVD.

I thought The Chicago Code was often intense and fascinating. It had the potential to become something really special, but I understand Fox's desire to "reinvent" themselves, I guess.

What I can't understand is not picking up "Locke & Key", especially after months of talking it up. It makes no logical sense and seems counter-intuitive and counter-productive to that end. Having said that, perhaps the production is better off and this will end up a blessing in disguise. I can easily see a cable network noticing the obvious value in the show and picking it up. Turning it down would be like AMC turning down well, any of their current shows. :)
Chicago Code's cancellation is a bit of a surprise to me, though it probably shouldn't be. The plot did advance rather quickly in the last episode I watched, which I thought could be a bad omen at the time.

All of my current shows, though few in number, have officially been cancelled as of today. That is a little depressing.

Also, is anyone else hesitant to trust Abrams with another mystery involving an island?
kungfubear, I was never convinced Locke & Key would get picked up. Friedman's writing is more suited to a slow sci-fi cable drama than anything on broadcast.
I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed, to see 'The Chicago Code' & 'Human Target' canceled. 'Chicago Code' wasn't yet a great series, but I think that it had the potential to be. 'Human Target' alienated some fans with the beginning of S2, but I think that it was finding it's footing again with S2Ep9 onward.

On Fox, all I have left right now is 'Fringe'.
@Jaymii - I forgot that Friedman was involved, and I agree.
...I had no idea that some of those shows even existed or were already airing.

I also admittedly never watched much of any of them despite liking some of the cast members so I hope they/their characters got some closure.

I suppose this does sort of seem par for the course for Fox. One reason why they have so many of my favorite TV shows is since they're willing to cancel them and replace them with other shows they don't really give a chance. (I still wonder if I miss Wonderfalls more than Firefly at times. And Futurama living on a cable network instead...)

As for the Zooey Deschanel project, I sort of wonder if that's mostly because of her sister having a pretty stable career on/with Fox because of Bones. (Is that season seven coming up?)
Very annoyed to hear about Chicago Code - it's literally just starting here tomorrow night, and I had put it on my recording schedule. Now I don't know whether to give it a look or not. Does anyone know how many they made: did they get to a complete season?
They filmed the complete season (now series) before it began airing on FOX.
Thanks. On the plus side, that means there will be enough to be worth watching. On the minus side, that means they didn't know they would be cancelled, so it won't be wrapped up by the end. And if I really like it, it will be very frustrating if it's left hanging and sets up a second season which isn't now going to happen.

I guess I'll watch the first one and see how I feel about it.
I seriously doubt (at this point) that Tim doesn't make sure a 13 ep initial order has a tidy wrap up. He's been in this mini-series business for a while now.
@tech head delta, I agree. I didn't care for Lost and have a similar disinterest in Super 8, it kinda seems like Abrams really is incapable of writing anything with a satisfactory conclusion. There's only so much you can put up with before you just stop caring because you know that the journey has no end. Lots of people like that, on occassion I do too, but he's about as predictable as Joss killing someone we love. Although at least we have lots of characters to choose from with his writing.

Locke and Key didn't get picked up? Well now I'm even more upset! Thanks for that.
"Lie to Me" was the only FOX show I watched regularly. Of course, I'm no longer in the target demographic, so no one will miss me when I don't show up in the fall. :-)
I didn't watch any of the others, but I like Breaking In. Christian Slater is de-wait for it-lightful, delightful. Boo, Fox, boo!
@BlueSkies - JJ Abrams didn't really write for Lost, aside from the 2-part pilot, which he also directed. In fact, he more or less handed the show over to Damon and Carlton. By the end, it was their show. By that point, Abrams was heavily involved in Fringe. JJ is more of an Idea Man and a producer. It's rare that he will put on the writing or directing hats.
Apparently 'Breaking In' might still return.

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