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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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May 11 2011

Interview with Liza Lapira on Traffic Light and Dollhouse. She talks about her current (now canceled) show, as well as her stint on Dollhouse.

Always feel bad reading interviews taken before cancellation, the interviewee usually seems upbeat and hopeful about the show and all I can think is "Not any more".

Nice interview though, I liked her take on Ivy's future, that's what I reckon too. Also hadn't noticed that about her costumes being 'dollish', i'll have to keep my eyes peeled on my next rewatch.
"Dollish" didn't occur to me, but I sure noticed the hot costumes under the lab coat. And since everyone at the dollhouse was supposed to be morally compromised in one way or another, maybe that would have been tied into it if we'd gottten in to her backstory.

I'll miss the show. It was low-key, but I loved the relationships and the great banter.

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