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May 11 2011

Contest: Review 'Angel: Yearbook' and win prizes. Patrick Shand, one of the writers for the yearbook, will give the first five reviewers a Aftermath hardcover and a secret gift.

Thanks for posting this, Skytte!
Shouldn't you get a cool colored username now?
Just ordered my Yearbook...didn't realize it was going to be that cheap, which probably means it's also smaller with less content than I thought it was going to be. Which is okay. I don't think I'll be disappointed.

Probably can't say the same for the contest, since I can picture myself running to the keyboard to write a review the moment my copy arrives, and finding I'm already fiftieth in line. Also not sure what I'm getting into creating an account at the IDW board. The prize is just too nifty and generous to pass up, though.
@Kairos: You definitely won't be disappointed. It's the same size/length as the other Angel one-shots and specials (Last Angel in Hell, Music of the Spheres). I'll send something cool to everyone who participates, though. Only the first five will get the hardcover, but no one will leave empty handed.

About the IDW board, I'm not sure I know what you mean. It's a forum just like Whedonesque and Slay Alive. The whole point of the contest, other than getting more folks to read Yearbook, is to keep the discussion there alive. There are a lot of great posters there, and it'd be a shame for the board to go quiet once the license passes over to DH.
Oh, I just meant on a personal level - I'm not very good at forums, tend to join them and then get overwhelmed by all the simultaneous discussions and vanish. Also there's quite a bit of the IDW stuff that I haven't read (yet), which is why I never showed up there before.

Thanks for the encouragement to participate. What a lovely person you are! Hope your scheme works and keeps the board active.
Thanks Kairos :)

I hope you like the forum. It's a pretty chill place.

Also, I selfishly hope that if more people read this, I'll be able to write more comics in the future. I really think you guys are gonna dig Yearbook.

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