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May 11 2011

Buffy the Illiteracy Slayer. Pics of Sarah Michelle Gellar reading to children at a Los Angeles library for the Nestle Joy of reading program.

Lovely pics, both because SMG looks radiant and because it's just a lovely scene. And how rapt would you be at 8 or 10 if frikkin' Buffy started reading you a story ? Pretty rapt i'd wager.

(great cause too, reading's the gateway to near as dammit every good thing in life IMO)
Given that the show has been off the air for 8 years, I doubt that many 8-10 year olds will recognise her as Buffy. (Which is a shame).
A video of her reading to the children (and talking about the importance of reading, etc.) is available here
Super cute! Those kids are so lucky. Sarah could read to me any time. :-)
I can assure you, my 4 year old would say 'Hi Buffy!'

Very cool.
To quote SMidGe herself, "Buffy is a fictional character."

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