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May 11 2011

Adam Baldwin to appear at Polaris convention in Toronto this July. Fellow Whedonverse actors Armin Shimerman and Melinda Clarke will also be in attendance. In related news, Adam Baldwin and Nick Brendon will be at Phoenix Comicon May 26-29.

Oh dear, I'm really tempted. I've always wanted to meet Armin Shimerman!
embers, come! Toronto is a lovely place and Polaris is a fan run non profit convention that has been around for many many years.
Slight correction: he's scheduled to attend. Big difference.
But he is marked down as a "guest appearance" on the site.
It was a comment on his propensity to cancel.
Ah. Gotcha.
He was at at Toronto con before without cancelling. Polaris is a great con and I'm looking forward to it.
I added RaynaForbes's entry to this one.

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