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May 11 2011

(SPOILER) Brief MTV interview with Scott Allie about Buffy Season 9. There is one specific small new spoiler for issue 1 and some gerneral news about the direction of the season.

This interview was conducted at Wonder Con.There are also three Georges Jeanty video interviews too.

Can someone provide a quick summary? It seems to be region blocked.

Nothing really new except for the brief tidbits about issue 1.
Thanks aroomacanvas.
huh, well good for buffy.
I'm excited. But how well do Buffy's parties usually work out?
Epic LOL at Jeanty branding Season 4 a "popular" season.
Depends on who you are asking Enisy.
Funny how some of Buffy's most acclaimed moments came from the most maligned seasons. Tara and Hush from season 4 for example. Once More with Feeling from season 6

I'm really fascinated by Buffy being hunted by other slayers. That's gonna be interesting. Buffy and other slayers don't seem to mix well. She pissed off a lot of the potentials in season 7, turned out be a poor leader to the activated slayers in season 8, had two slayers try and kill her in that same season, and she has had conflict with Fray, Faith and for a time, even Kendra. Oh yeah, and she almost broke Satsu's heart
Can't wait for Season 9. Just can't wait.

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