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May 11 2011

Vote for Firefly in summer podcast topic poll. The people over at the The Fringe Podcast are taking a poll on what to do their podcast on over the summer now that Fringe has aired its season finale. They've listed Firefly as one of their choices.

I don't think anyone should vote unless they intend to listen to the podcast. This isn't some internet ballot box ripe for stuffing, this is a poll of their listeners for what they should cover.
That's true, I'd highly recommend it though. I've heard them all and it's the best Fringe podcast and has regular interviews with one of the show's stars. It has a good amount of subscribers so I like that they are putting Firefly in more people's minds. They'll do great with Firefly if it wins. Right now I believe it's a tie

I just posted the link because it is Whedon related
It's also free, so pretty much anyone who votes can easily become a listener. I think a free podcast on Firefly would be pretty awesome

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