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May 12 2011

The Cabin in the Woods screened at Cannes yesterday, audience buzz positive. There is another report here.

If I hadn't been writing out the details, I'd have beaten you. Heh.
That is of a doriness most hunky. We have waited a long time for this movie - I'm so glad to hear that the first responses are so positive.

I'm not usually much of a fan of the horror genre, but it has sounded thus far like TCinW messes with the horror notion while using it, which is horror of a different color.

Cannes! I wonder who in the Whedon'verse went./rhetoricaL
It screened yesterday and we only found out today? Oh social media, you have failed us.
That is very cool!
Simon points out that the official website is empty, but wasn't the other day. (Hysterically, this comes after discovering via a web visit from Lionsgate that the fan site is 6th on Google for the search the cabin in the woods official site.
Speaking of which - if anybody from any company which owns CABIN sees this, they should get somebody to email so we have their deets.
Holy cow! How did we not know this?? This is awesome!

I assume it screened out of competition?
This plus the current positive buzz about Hemsworth is a good thing for this movie. Can anyone tell me if he put on an accent for CitW and whether it was better than the one he did in Thor? I note he's been offered the part of the Huntsman in one of the Snow White makeovers. He's hot property right now and that makes for a perfect time to remade CitW
Ivalaine, I hope you mean "release" CitW, not remake (or remade) it - let's at least get this one in theatres before there's remake talk :)
Chris Hemsworth is in CitW???? I would have seen it just for Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins, but having now seen Hemsworth in all his Nordic glory in Thor, I wanna see CitW even more.
Woohoo! Now if only I could see it.
He's the lead. They cast him in, what, 2008? From memory Chris had two weeks rent left in LA and was packing up stuff to go home - it didn't work out for him. And then he got the part and the rest is history. Joss helped him get Thor, too.
gossi, I shouldn't have been surprised - Whedon has an excellent eye for spotting untapped talent. But how did he help Hemsworth get Thor? Wouldn't Thor have been cast and filmed before Joss got involved with The Avengers?
The director called Joss as a reference for Chris.
That, and I think Joss has been involved with Avengers for a lot longer than we've known about. He's good at keeping secrets, except for the whole Twighlightgate thing. But he didn't spill that one, someone else did.
Twilightgate? I must have missed that one. Please do share!
Season 8 comics, the identity of Twilight got revealed a few months too early when a cover was accidently published online.
How? What? How? Joss is good at keeping secrets you say? Apparently he's great seeing as not even the mighty gossi and b!x had us told before it screened.

Glad to hear it got favourable reviews, now let's hope we see more of Fran Kranz and Amy Acker as a result of this. Make them as big as Hemsworth(but not physically, AA may look a little odd with those arms...).
It'd be great if the Jossman were to have a big movie success here! More Jossness on film is victory for us all.
How exciting! I can't wait to watch it and promote the heck out of it on all my social media fronts. This is the year of Joss (er, actual release of Avengers not withstanding, lol).
If Amy Acker had Chris Hemsworth's arms on her body.... I was going to say she would fall over, but then there was a voice screaming "Lucky woman!" in my head.
Nice to hear, although not really surprised. I hope the exposure and the buzz will help CiTW find distributors for the Australian market soon-ish.
Exxxcellent *does Mr Burns finger thing*.

And Cannes is closer to the UK than the US so it should be released here first. That's how it works right ?
Wasn't the first showing of Serenity at the Edinburgh Festival? Joss is moving his films away from us!

Can't really believe this is going to be released soon, but these motions are helping me get that. Any reviews or articles on the showing yet?

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Well, if Amy Acker had Chris Hemsworth's arms while she was playing Illyria ... probably redundant, but maybe kinda cool-looking ...
Serenity's world premiere was at the Edinburgh Film Festival back in 2005. Then there was the LA world premiere afterwards.
All I can think is, "How could it NOT have a great response"? Like D'oh, Homer.
First few times I tried the links, all I got was "Twitter overloaded". Would hate to think that Whedonesque took out Twitter (however briefly).
I'm looking forward to Cabin in the Woods more than I am to The Avengers. I think this might be the only safe place on the internet to say that.
I'm looking forward to Cabin in the Woods more than I am to The Avengers. I think this might be the only safe place on the internet to say that.


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