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May 12 2011

NBC picks up shows involving Whedon alums. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf (Angel) are the creators of "Grimm", Tim Minear is a Consulting Producer on "Awake", and "The Playboy Club" has both Sean Maher and David Krumholtz in the cast. Update: NBC has also picked up 'Free Agents' which stars Tony Head.

I'm excited about Grimm--Joss often seems to give the impression that Greenwalt is largely responsible for the quality of Buffy and Angel both in the early going. I've had Profit on DVD for a while, but have not yet gotten to it. But I'm expecting great things from this one, given the talent involved.

I know nothing about Awake, although if it has Tim then I'm excited. I just hope he plays a major creative role on the show--consulting producer seems like it could imply many different degrees of involvement.

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Pretty sure Tim is now working on American Horror Story. Don't know how much he will have to do with Awake. Then again that could all change since he seems to be the top utility player for 20th and he goes where they need him.
"Awake" sounds like it has a lot of potential. Very high concept, which hasn't fared well for shows in recent years, but it's good talent behind it. It was created by Kyle Killen, who wrote the extremely (and unfairly) short-lived "Lone Star" last season and it stars none other than Lucius Malfoy himself, Jason Isaacs.

As far as Tim's involvement, the Consulting Producer credit makes me think he might just be lending a hand in developing in it and then handing the reins over to the regular staff.

"Grimm" sounds intriguing, but also sounds like it could easily be fumbled and come off cheesy or bland. Here's hoping that's not the case.

I'm very interested in "The Playboy Club", especially now with the solid cast they have lined up. I just hope it doesn't simply ape "Mad Men".
What about the American version of "Free Agents"? Tony was going to reprise his role.

Or haven't they gotten around to the comedies yet?
They already picked up 3 or 4 comedies. Not sure they will pick up any more. NBC will announce their full schedule sometime on Sunday. Their upfront is 10 am Monday morning.
Looking like they may have passed on Ron Moore's "17th Precinct" which is a bummer if true though 'Grimm' sounds potentialy. And also "Wonder Woman", which (again, if true) displays a keenness of judgement you might not credit them with ;).

And oh goodie, a US 'Prime Suspect' remake. Just what the world's been waiting for.

Lucius Malfoy or GENERAL ZHAO. ;)

Excited! Sean Maher on my screen again! I miss him.
Jobo - Profit is really good!
Hmph! I say, to both Lucius Malfoy and General Zhao, Jason Isaacs did a superb job as Mr Darling/Cpt Hook a few years back. :)
I'm having trouble getting excited about either show. I definitely won't watch THE PLAYBOY CLUB. And I detest procedurals. Once they start analyzing a crime scene my eyes glaze over and I start to snore. It is why I've never been able to watch BONES or CASTLE, and they are Procedurals Lite.

I'm crushed that 17th PRECINCT didn't get picked up. It was the only pilot I was especially excited about. Oh well.

The only good news from NBC for me is that they renewed PARENTHOOD, which is about the only good family drama (i.e., about families - not a show that the whole family can watch) on TV right now that isn't a comedy.
Njal 17th Precinct was still a procedural. One with magic, but that's hardly the exception if you're comparing to CSI and Bones. What're your reasons for not watching The Playboy Club? I have a feeling people are expecting it to be like Mad Men, which I'm very very doubtful of.

It's too early to call any of it, imo.
I can't wait to see Playboy (woot Sean Maher!) and while I was looking forward to 17th Precinct for the cast, everything I read about the pilot is that it was very "meh".
Oh, I was all excited about 17th Precinct--great cast, great creator, great premise. I'll be very sad if it's not picked up.

If it's true about Wonder Woman though--that's kind of a relief.
Hey Shadowquest, NBC just picked up Free Agents and the Chelsea Handler comedy.

Mods, Free Agents has Tony Head in it if you want to add it to the post.
That's brilliant news Njal. I love Parenthood too and it's great to hear we will get another season!

The Grimm pick-up news is great too and we will also get new series starring Sarah and Tony and a new show Tim Minear is involved in! Happy day!

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