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May 13 2011

One-day sale on Firefly Blu-Ray. Our favourite sci-fi western is Amazon's Deal of the Day: the complete series on Blu-Ray for $23.49.

I am ridiculously tempted, given how expensive it is in Australia. Can anyone explain blu-ray region coding for me?
It's #1 right now in Amazon's Movies & TV ranking. Serenity is #2. found it and it's posted on their homepage. it's gonna be #1 all day :)
Our favourite sci-fi western

I was thinking about this the other day and I think Outland was more of a sci-fi Western than Serenity ever was. The movie really did tone down the Western aspects of the show
Is it just me or does this item seem to show up a lot as the deal of the day?
Matt, it's region free. So it Serenity, fyi.
Yay! I got this for my best friend for his birthday last time it was on sale but now I'm getting one for myself!
Great! Thanks for the heads up, I grabbed one.
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