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May 13 2011

Chuck gets a fifth season. Good news for Adam Baldwin fans but it will be the final season.

According to EW its gonna be the last.
Yes, Deadline updated with that info. Thanks.
Every season is the last season for Chuck. My take is that it will all depend on how all of NBC's new shows do. They have ordered something like 5 new dramas and 8 new comedies. That's a lot. If the majority fail then season 6 of Chuck might not be out of the question.
I think I'm happy. I love Chuck, it has a huge place in my heart and I will truly miss it once it's gone but I do admit that it has slowly been losing something, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it hasn't been as good as it used to, so to get another season but this time telling them it will be the last one is good. Give us (and them) time to say goodbye, and it'll go out in a planned way, not with the pain and suffer that every season finale has (Will it be canceled? Will it be renewed?).

Hope the writers can bring their A game for season 5 and the show can go out on a great note.
I still consider it one of the most entertaining shows on TV, but I honestly think that its been suffering from Babylon 5 syndrome for a while now, several times over. That is, the writers keep thinking they're getting cancelled, rush out all the good ideas they've got, then have to tack on new ideas.
but I do admit that it has slowly been losing something, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it hasn't been as good as it used to

I have to agree. I think it comes down to the fact that some of their best writers left after season 3. And you can definitely feel the effects of their budget constraints. They haven't been as successful in camouflaging it like other shows in the past, e.g. S2 of Dollhouse.

I'm happy we're getting another season, but just so they can wrap the show up in their own time and way and give proper closure to all the fans.
I agree with most of the above statements. I love the show, but here's a great chance to bow out the right way. Almost every major mysteries have been solved, so there's not a lot of story left to tell, particularly about Chuck's family.
I go through phases with Chuck where I fall slightly out of love with it. It goes from being one of the most joyous things on telly to one of the most forgettable in an instant. I even felt that way during the almighty season two. So, because of that a few weeks back I wouldn't have cared that much and would have only watched the new season out of principle but now I'm fully rejuvenated with it.

Hopefully they get 22'er though!
Incredible news. I'm watching on dvd, so one season behind, but it's great to know that the next season I watch won't be the last. Somehow this show has defeated the odds of renewal three times now!

This and the Fringe renewal give me some hope for the future of good television.

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Yep, echoing others above - the show's still mostly a decent watch but it's definitely lost something, quite a few times in the last season/season and a half it's felt a bit forced, like Chuck-by-numbers. I'm still happy they're renewed though cos a) they can finish the story their own way and b) 'Chuck's always been the little show that could and it's cool to see the plucky underdog win one.
What it lost, IMHO, was Chuck being an outsider nerd to the spy world. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy the show, but when Chuck became a real spy, there was a fundamental change to the premise of the show.
I wish they would change Chuck's time slot so it doesn't have to go up against a juggernaut like House.
We got four more seasons than I thought we would. This and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS are two show that should have gotten two seasons total between the two of them, but somehow NBC found a way of getting ten between the two. So yay.

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