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May 13 2011

One Shot with Eliza Dushku - video. And there's a behind the scenes, too.

That was awesome! DK is definitely ready for the action movies!
What was this for? Cool.
Fun, I think.
freddiew does a lot of videos like this for youtube, showing off editing, action direction, props and special effects. Sometimes he teaches how to do stuff in the behind the scenes videos. He's had a few celebrity (as well as youtube-famous) guests appear in videos before. I was surprised to see Duck Shoot turn up in one, but I'm not surprised at how well it wored.

I liked the setup-punchline structure of this video. A good flavor of funny-cool doesn't hurt.
Totally unrealistic. The good guys in a Passat? Yeah, right...

Apart from that it was great. And humour and character as well as action. And DK can't really criticise the hero here. He didn't get caught and tied up and blindfolded!

Though for the love of all that is good and holy stop with the pointless cocking on guns! If you are going into action your gun should be cocked already. If it is already cocked then cocking it again will do nothing except waste a bullet. And every shot was preceded with a cocking sound, which is just silly. (I am excusing the cases where he has taken a gun off someone. Clearly you have to check it is actually loaded and wasting one round is worth it. In both cases here the bad guys had unloaded weapons since no round came out when the good guy cocked them)

It is one of those things that is so ubiquitous is movies and TV that we not only accept it but actually think it is wrong if it isn't there. This weeks episode of Doctor Who had that cocking sound on a pirate flintlock...

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zz9, I am about as far from a gun expert as you can get, but to me it seemed pretty obvious. The protagonist is using other people's guns, and since it's a life-or-death situation, he needs to check to make sure they're loaded and ready. To me, it looks like he's not so much cocking the weapons as checking the ammo clip thingies (stop me if I'm getting too technical).

Any Jayne Cobbs here in the black to straighten this out?

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