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May 13 2011

ABC cancels 'V' and 'No Ordinary Family'. The two shows starred Morena Baccarin and Julie Benz respectively.

Oh, great. I thought with some re-tooling V could get back on track. I was intrigued with where it might go, and Morena excelled in that role. She was chilling as Anna. Maybe a romantic comedy next?
Hmm, not too surprised about V. She'll get a far better project sometime soon.
I'll miss 'V' slightly because it had potential, Morena was an entertaining villain and it felt like the later season 2 tweaking of the direction was paying dividends in improved episodes. 'No Ordinary Family' is better out of its (and our) misery and it also frees up the mostly excellent cast to do other stuff.

(and 'Mr Sunshine' was pretty dire IMO, everyone in it deserved better material)
Honestly, I was unable to stick with V in the first season, and never even finished watching that season. It was a promising idea, and Morena was fantastic in it, but otherwise it was pretty poorly executed.
V was mostly a mess with some of the worst, most artless dialogue writing on television. (I stopped watching Mr. Sunshine after 1 1/2 episodes because Perry was acting in an entirely different show than every single other person in the cast.)
But The Ringer was picked up by the cw <3 So :)
Seemed like V's problem was always focusing too much on plot and special effects and not enough time on characters and dialogue. It never really made you care about anyone. When you don't care about the people, a story just doesn't work
V was definitely fairly mechanical, more chess pieces being moved about to make the next plot point happen than characters reacting to the situation.
I always tell people the most important part of any story is creating characters people care about. Everything else is secondary. People will always be there to watch characters they care about just like they are always there for people they care about in real life
No Ordinary Family was never able to get passed "mediocre" quality, sadly. Oh well--hopefully Julie's new series gets picked up!
ABC picked up Alan Tudyk's show, Suburgatory, as well.
V was rather dreadful--which is pretty sad, considering it had both Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin in lead roles.

And "No Ordinary Family" lost me about halfway through the second episode--I would have given it a bit longer for Julie Benz's sake, but there were numerous plot elements that struck me as sexist, and I just couldn't stand it.

So, while I sympathize with anyone who liked and will miss these shows, I mostly just glad these three amazing actors are free now .... and hoping they'll get projects I can enjoy next time.
Just pointing out that I had nothing to do with these shows.
LOL Tim!

I also sympathize with anyone who liked these shows, but I was never able to get through S1 of 'V' and I only lasted 3 episodes of 'No Ordinary Family'. But hope to see Morena and Julie in other shows.
HAH. That's all I have really.

Although I am slightly sad about V only because it took them until the very end to make it compelling for me and NOW it's canceled. Admittedly, I'm surprised it wasn't canceled sooner.
No surprises. Two shows that I found tremendously disappointing after reasonably high initial expectations.

More than these cancellations or any of the pick ups, I'm enormously disappointed that 17th PRECINCT didn't go to series. I really, really was looking forward to that one.
Kind of surprising, as they were far lower in quality (at least in the quality of the writing) than a typical Tim Minear production. ;c)
Tim, I don't think guilt by association applies to you re Morena and Julie. :)
I liked No Ordinary Family. It was Saturday morning cartoon comfy. And the last episode had them going in an interesting direction. Too bad it took so long to get there or it might've gotten a season 2. Or not. Whatever. I'm too hard hearted now to care when a show I like gets canned. (I'm lying.)
"Just pointing out that I had nothing to do with these shows.
Tim Minear | May 14, 03:49 CET"

Asking out of curiosity: now that there done & gone hypothetically if you had been involved with either how would they have been different?
NYPinTA -- I wasn't remarking on the quality of either show, having not seen either of them. I was simply pointing out that things which have nothing to do with me get canceled too.
I wanted to see where the show was going. But to me, the problem was conception. It was as if the flow was being guided by conflicting concepts. Elizabeth Mitchell is a good actress... but I never knew who her character was. She just never felt definite: sometimes here, sometimes there. Sometimes really strong, sometimes weak and indecisive... and not in a way that felt coherent. And yeah, Morena was good, and she was consistent, and I hope she never has to chop her hair like that again. But it took more than just her to make the whole package compelling.
Aw, Tim, ya know we love ya! No matter how many times you get canceled. :-D

I tried V a few times, but it just wasn't interesting. It had that "staring at an accident because you can't look away" feel to it, not a "I'm so drawn into this show for its quality writing and acting I can't look away."

And it felt old. I don't know if that's because I remember (vaguely) the original series, or if the "Aliens come to Earth claiming to be friendly but really want to breed with/annihilate us" has been done too many times.

As for "No Ordinary Family"...well, I cringed when I saw the previews. And I couldn't even last through five minutes of the pilot. I wanted to like it, for Michael and Julie's sakes, but I just...couldn't.

Too bad someone out there can't do a "Whedon Survivors: Redemption Program" and give all the writers and actors of the 'verse who are out of work something decent to display their talents (and good looks) in.
What, 17th Precinct didn't get picked up? :-( That was probably the most promising sounding pilot out there, and I really wanted to see the BSG mini-reunion. Gah. :-(

Also, lol @ Tim. Being cancelled sucks, but on the bright side, we have so many varied and wonderful Tim shows, even if they are all fairly short.
I suspect the cast of V, or at least Morena and the fantastic actress from LOST, are celebrating being free of their contract. It was a terrible show to be stuck on, though the paychecks will be missed of course.
I tried V a few times, but it just wasn't interesting

ShadowQuest, did you get a look at Morris Chestnut?! I hated where they went with his character (after all he was the Willie of this version of the show) but for quite awhile his arc was compelling: Fifth Column and a V and his wife didn't know. Also, did you get a look at Morris Chestnut?! Whooooo. :=)
Why are there no decent superhero shows? Heroes was way overrated, even before it started sucking. The Cape was totally lame. No Ordinary Family was weak. Smallville was okay, but still kinda dumb. (IMNHO, of course.)

BtVS is the only awesome superhero show I think I've ever seen.

Can anyone think of another?

Seems weird that we have awesome superhero movies kicking ass in the theaters but television can't seem to take advantage of the same market. Tim, could you please fill this niche?
Angel was pretty kick ass.
I would love to see The Equalizer come back in some form. Damn, what a good show.
Yes, I totally agree about Angel's quality, gossi, but for some reason, I didn't really think of that as a superhero show in the same way that Buffy was. Not sure why I make the distinction or whether it's valid, but there it is.

[ edited by Squishy on 2011-05-15 04:16 ]
Murder She Wrote! She had the superpower to make people die wherever she went!
I used to like the original bionic woman but I was six and in love with Lindsey Waggoner.

Hey, how awesome does Eliza look in those flickr pics below? Somebody misspelled Epitaph though.

Bix, you are funny.
There were great shows in the 70's - 80's, Squishy. The 6 Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, The Greatest American Hero, Batman (guess that was the 60's), etc. Few and far between but they are there.
Loved the bionic people and wonder woman but would they hold up today? TGAH is iconic but not sure I'd agree that it deserved to be. I agree that Batman was a great show.
Bionic people could hold up today if people didn't do them crappily like the recent Bionic Woman reboot.
I for one am really mad about the V cancellation. I do agree that it wasn't the best of shows, and was occasionally boring - but the Season 2 finale was FANTASTIC, setting an excellent foundation for S3. A certain annoying someone getting his throat ripped out especially so.
I was waiting to get some feedback on V before purchasing the 1st series but the buzz made it seem like another disappointing remake like Battlestar Galactica.
Old Battlestar was Cylons , cool spaceships and spacebattles , funny Starbuck and Cylons.
New Battlestar has Mute oversized uncool cylons , storylines that were stolen from Home and away and an ending that probably one of the writer's 5 year old kids made up. (Series 1 was promising but it went downhill fast)
Sorry for the Battlestar rant , I guess the V series is the same , unable to capture the magic of what made the original series so popular.
In no way shape or form should V ever be compared to the excellence of BSG. It wasn't worthy of licking BSG's boots.
Word up. New BSG is awesome.
V wasn't even remotely in the new BSG's league. Ron Moore's BSG was excellent, and unlike Lost, actually had a satisfying finale
What are you talking about Arkham, they both had the same "god did it" ending.
No, they didn't. In fact, it was Jacob and the man in black who manipulated everyone on Lost. God had nothing to do with anything on Lost despite the constant religious references, which were ultimately pointless and only served to set up the "everyone went to heaven" ending, which was lame

On BSG, it was without question that God set up everything, which is even more obvious when you look at Starbuck, who was obviously some kind of angel.

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