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May 13 2011

SMG's Ringer picked up... by The CW? According to Deadline, the pilot for CBS is headed to its sibling network instead. UPDATE: Complicating matters (same link) ABC Studios has pulled out of the show, "citing that it cannot produce a series for the economics of CW."

UPDATE 2: Or perhaps it's merely a contender at CW, and no deal's been made?


This is better for the show's success chances :)
Great news if true.The CW might be a better fit due to being a smaller network.And it is sort of fitting since The CW is the successor to The WB and UPN, both home to Buffy.

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Man, I doubt SMG realised she'd be returning to TV on The CW when she started this project!
I think it's good news - it's the type of show that will probably attract a smaller, but dedicated following and the big networks aren't known to give shows like that a chance to grow.
Dang it Bix, a client interupted me posting and you beat me to it! LOL! Not sure how I feel about the CW but overjoyed the show got picked up. Congrats, Sarah!

ETA: Well poo, ABC Studios jumped ship. Dag.

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I am becoming quite fond of the CW with Supernatural, Nikita and now this
Yay! The CW is actually my favourite network (I can't stand CBS), so I am looking forward to this. Pair it with one of my favourite shows, Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries, please!!!
This will be giving me a new show to watch on The CW since Smallville ends tonight.
So. Now. Will CW bring SMG to SDCC?
Or not? Boo.
Well, the CW is something I guess. I think it'll give it a much greater shot at surviving then if it was on CBS.

I wish they had changed the name of the show though, 'Ringer' sounds pretty bad. I guess it means she's a 'dead ringer' of her sister right? It just isn't very interesting or captivating. (Although, every time I read it, I'm reminded of Roman Holiday, so it isn't all bad ;))
CW is a better home for this project, but I don't know if Sarah will be happy with this change... Potential audience (not just for ratings, but for prestige and recognition) is not the same on both networks.

Edit: just read the update. So what does it means now?

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Well that was quick. Cancelled within minutes. :\
If you look at the longevity of Smallville and Supernatural, this isn't a cancel happy network like Fox. Supernatural's ratings are rather modest compared to other shows on tv. If it delivers a solid first season, this will give SMG some work for a few years
I am becoming quite fond of the CW with Supernatural, Nikita and now this

Ringer on the CW might be problematic for Nikita.

Anyone have a clue what the ABC Studio pullout might portend?
This is the craziest upfront story ever, no? Show pilot'd for CBS gets picked up by CW and then immediately loses a production partner.
So what does losing the production partner mean then for The CW picking it up?
The story seems to have ground to something of a halt at that announcement. I imagine everyone's off trying to get the CW to make a statement.
They need to do some interesting financial footwork to afford it. They could throw Hellcats into the money fire I suppose.
Updated again. Possibly just a "contender" at CW right now?
Wow, ABC is being nobody's friend today.
Much like FOX the network isn't 20th Century Fox the studio, ABC the network isn't ABC Studios the studio.
GAH! *wrings hands*
Very unlike Kotter, Welcome Back Sarah!!! Whoo-Hoo Girl!

ETA: Oops, belay the Whoo-Hoo until confirmation.

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Hollywood Reporter says no deal has been made at The CW, although it seems likely.
I trust Nikki Finke.
Nikki didn't write the article.
Just point out this is ABC Studios, not the network. Saying one as the same, is just like calling 20th the same as Fox network.
I think I pointed that out. ;)
So, is the series not happening now?
Its just not sealed in ink yet.
Maybe they can get Mutant Enemy to jump in :)
I love SMG, but I hope her show doesn't interfere with Nikita. Nikita's season finale was absolutely amazing and even appealed to the geek in me with references to Point of No Return as well as the original Nikita tv series. Nikita doesn't seem like a cheap show though. Explosions, action sequences and different locations

If Smallville is gone doesn't that free up some cash for Ringer?
The CW still has a lot of work to make itself into a truly respectable network... let's hope Ringer is what does that.
If it does get picked up then the CW will oust HBO as my most watched channel. Come on, I dare you...break my record.
I watch more shows on CW than any other network, my favorite show is The Vampire Diaries, then Supernatural, Nikita, Smallville and might not make it Hellcats. Would love for Ringer to find a home here.
Nikki didn't write the article.

Deadline's her website.
The weird thing is that I don't love any shows on the CW, but I watch a ton of them. I watch GOSSIP GIRL (and really, really hate it, except for the Dan-Blair scenes), HELLCATS (honestly, for a show about cheerleaders, not all that bad), NIKITA (has gotten better as it has gone along), SMALLVILLE (watched the series finale tonight - going to miss this one), and still kinda, sorta watch SUPERNATURAL (though it has been one of my persona bubble shows for ages - I pretty much watch it for Bobby and Castiel).

I think RINGER is a MUCH better fit with the CW. CBS has kept GOSSIP GIRL going for ages despite a terrible ratings record simply for its syndication value. So CBS protects its product on the network. And CBS does not really like serials. The CW doesn't mind serials. So I think this could be a big hit for the CW. I suspect they'll either dump ONE TREE HILL and pair it on Mondays with GOSSIP GIRL or bump NIKITA to Fridays and pair it with SUPERNATURAL. NIKITA is the only show besides SUPERNATURAL and the newly departed SMALLVILLE that does better with men than women. It seems to me to be a natural move to shift it to Fridays for a guys night. Friday night has not proven to be the death slot for the CW as with other networks. My one concern, however, is that no Friday night show will do as well without SMALLVILLE heading the order.

Still, I see this as nothing but good news. I would really like to see RINGER on Mondays, killing OTH, but my gut tells me they will put it on Thursday and move NIKITA to Friday.
Meant to add, that although I watch a lot of CW shows, my favorite network has to be AMC. I only watch four AMC shows, but they only have four, and they are probably four of my five favorite shows. GAME OF THRONES is No. 1, then followed in some order by MAD MEN, THE KILLING, THE WALKING DEAD, and BREAKING BAD. Actually, FRINGE is probably in front of BREAKING BAD, but still, an amazing network.

Tim Minear should land a show there. They know how to value intelligent shows and don't expect the highest ratings in the world.
Ringer isn't set, but it's a huge win for the CW. They're going to pick it up.

Don't worry about ABC Studios jumping out - it really won't affect the show, besides CBS now paying the entirety of the project. No idea why they jumped out, though. They've made CW shows before.
Damn. And I was so happy about all the good news yesterday (Parenthood renewal, 'Grimm', 'Ringer' and 'Free Agents' pick-ups). Hope it will still pan out.
WOW. The CW might let a 34 year old be a lead on their network and let them play a 30 year old instead of a teenager?!
And the high five of the day goes to Chosen.
Chosen, they have Nikita too.
Never understood why people cared about Hollywood ages versus Real ages. I generally think it's a bit better to have responsible adults and people who know what they are getting themselves into when casting something.

The CW have a new prez now, too. We'll see how much that changes things.
Dawn is making all the renewal and pickup decisions, according to TV by the Numbers.
Deadline implies this is his decision so I don't know what to think.
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Yeah, my toes ARE long enough that I can actually do that, lol. Curse that comes with long legs...long toes.

So, 34 is old now then?
Cheryl, it is according to The CW. I believe they have 27-32 year olds playing 17 year old on 90210, which is older than the actor who plays the teacher.
Cheryl, CW's bread and butter is 18-34 year old women so yeah, it's old. Everything is relative.
Ringer is now officially picked up.
Great, great news!
About SMG's age...she looks just as breathtakingly beautiful as ever. All characters can not be teen-agers, that would just be lame.

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