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May 13 2011

io9's handy What SciFi To Watch flowchart. Aside from Whedonverse shows, there's quite a few other worthy choices.

I especially like that the chart takes you to Buffy or Angel based simply on whether you answer the question "Seen Buffy?" with yes or no.

Love the "Are you OK with being let down?" question!
Some great shows here. I've either seen most of these or have it on a "to-watch" list, out of the ones I'm interested in so nothing really new for me. But it's a good list for someone who might be new to Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

I think, like Buffy and X-Files, there should have been a "Seen Firefly" path, as it encompasses so many genres, a lot of people will find something to like about it. I also disagree with "The Vampire Diaries" for only under 16. It's mythology is interesting and the plot moves at a breakneck pace. Sure it has quite a bit of angsty teen/young adult drama, but lets face it, Buffy wasn't exactly short on that either. But that's just me taking this chart way too seriously.

I have to say that "Are you OK with being let down?" question got a chuckle out of me too. I wasn't disappointed personally, but it's no secret that some (remarkably vocal) people were.
You miss Farscape with this flowchart. Bad form IO9!
Is Farscape on Netflix? I don't have Netflix so I don't know. I assumed any shows that they skipped over that were relatively obvious choices were because they weren't on Netflix (which is what the chart is about). What about Supernatural and/or Babylon 5? If they are available, then there are some other big ones they missed.
Supernatural, Babylon 5 and Farscape are all on Netflix.
I just watched the entirety of Avatar: The Last Airbender a few weeks ago.

That show is insanely good. I had no idea.
I don't really understand what Slipstream is. I looked it up on wikipedia and I kind of get it but wouldn't know how do define it someone else if they didn't already know the things I could reference.
I told myself I couldn't start any new sci-fi shows until I finish the ones I've already started. But most of the ones on this chart that interest me are already on my list.

I think I'd have put the branch leading to Firefly earlier - maybe after the "space opera" question, although that one isn't worded very well.
I like the implication with "Like Scott Bakula?" that you are only not a fan if you haven't heard of him.
Enjoyed the flowchart! Cute.

It got me thinking I should give Earth: Final Conflict a try. I'm working through season one of Fringe at the moment and am surprisingly pleased by it.
Screw this "let down" stuff. Lost ended amazingly.

That said, while this is cool, I already have my list of shows I need to watch still:
-Stargate Atlantis (almost on season 3)

Those should cover me for the next two years, as I am slow.
I gave up on Fringe when Season 1 was still new. I've heard so many good things about it the last few months, I decided to give it another go. Only a couple of discs worth of episodes further into the series than I'd made it when it was originally broadcast I realize I gave up on it just a moment too soon.

I've also started watching Stargate: Atlantis now that I've gotten past the point in Stargate during which it kicks off. Halfway or so through season 2, I'm really loving it. Much more so than I ever did Stargate (which I like well enough to have stuck with but which has rarely blown me away) itself.

I do think io9 dropped the ball not including Farscape. That was a brilliant show.
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Vague That Up: I'm with you on SGA in season 2 being better than SG1, despite how much I loved the original. Have you watch Stargate Universe? Hands down, my favorite of the three of them. It ended beautifully as well for a show hoping to get a third season.
I had no idea that Sanctuary is steampunk.
I love SGA more than SG1 because the characters are, by and large, funnier. While nothing can quite top O'Neill's dry wit, the sheer number of genuinely funny characters in SGA and the enjoyment they show right from the off (shooting McKay just because he's invulnerable? Who wouldn't?) make it a much more fun show (it was also coming off the back of SG1 season 7, which was very short on laughs due to almost every episode focusing on Sam and Daniel, the two less funny characters in the team).

Perhaps that's why I and a lot of others didn't really get on with SGU: It didn't seem have the same sense of fun. I notice SGA and SGU aren't on the chart, are they not on netflix? Also, I'm in the UK, what the hell is netflix?

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Bah! I've already either watched it or sampled it and meh'd it. :( I wanted something new, gorrammit!
Funny flow chart, I definitely lolled at the "Seen Buffy?" question that goes to Buffy and Angel. There is a distinct lack of Farscape, Supernatural, and Babylon 5, among other great and very scifi series. If they wanted to include anime, there's much better ones than Pokemon. And I'm getting pretty tired of people dissing on Lost because they didn't like the ending. If you go in not expecting everything to be answered and tied with a bow, it's a lot of fun, and there's still plenty of clues to piece together your own answers (not to mention a lot of things WERE answered). The characters were well served by the finale. My only disappointment was the way they resolved the flash-sideways in season 6, but I can still enjoy the series.

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Does anyone else think the inclusion of Charmed under "horror" is a subtle dig at how bad that show is?
I'm between Battlestar Gallactica and a Buffy rewatch this summer. I'll probably try to squeeze in both. Agree with the Lost disappointment, though it didn't completely ruin the show for me. It was still a pretty good ride.
Have you watch Stargate Universe?

Not yet. I'll pick it up when the time comes, though, I expect.
Nitpicking, I know, but "The Twilight Zone" is a must watch for any true sci/fi fantasy type person. JMHO.
Have to agree about Lost, the finale was horrible. The show is still a classic though, but it's obvious they packed way too much into the story and couldn't resolve it all in a satisfying way. Also, having the prologue available only on DVD was a slap to the face of fans

I kind of wish people would stop lumping fantasy and sci-fi together all the time. I love Supernatural, but it is not sci-fi. Neither is Charmed, but Charmed was just a garbage show anyway. Fantasy and sci-fi are NOT the same thing
Lost's entire final season just felt a lot like the perfect example of what not to do for a final season. Such a shame because I adored LAX.
I definitely agree that there were some obvious omissions.

But what made me worry was seeing 'Dark Angel' up against a Whedon show ('Dollhouse'). Hopefully the feelings have cooled down, but in the past I've seen some people who seemed very bitter that 'Dark Angel' was canceled in favor of 'Firefly'. A different Whedon show of course, but still, it would seem to me best to play it safe and keep Cameron & Whedon apart.
I meant epilogue in my last post,not prologue. A lot of answers were answered in the DVD only epilogue that SHOULD have been answered in the series finale. I thought that was such an awful thing to do to Lost fans. "You want answers? Buy the DVD" They lost some of my respect there

Two things bugged me with Lost's finale. First, they did the whole, "they were actually dead the whole time" thing that they said they would never do. In fact, they went back on a lot of things they said over the course of the series. Also, they made the finale very character focused, while ignoring addressing some of the show's unanswered questions. I know that characters are the most important part of any story, but Lost was different. It was the tons of mysteries that made it so popular and talked about, and they just sort of pushed that aside in favor of a completely character focused finale. It was a cop-out. Hey, if we do an emotional finale that gets people to cry over seeing what happens to all of the characters, they'll forget the fact that we're not answering ANYTHING.

Course, you can get those answers if you give us your money and buy our DVD. Lame
I watched Lost for six years for teh characters, not for the island. I could care less why women can't get pregnant (which you can figure out from context clues), or any of the million other questions that could be theorized or figured out. You live and then you die. You don't get spoon fed answers at the end of your life, things remain a mystery. I loved every second of the finale.

As for the epilogue, they did that as a thank you to fans. They already had a 2 and a half hour finale with no room to be cut out of. They could have done nothing, instead they give you some answers and you complain about how they did so? Geez, some people.
Except, if you think about it and browse Lostpedia for a while, all of the answers are there. You just have to join the dots - not hard. I've forgot bits and pieces now but it wouldn't take me long to get it all straight in my head again to answer some stuff. A lot of the fun of Lost is the viewer interactivity. If you only watched Lost once, which is perfectly fine, I somewhat understand assuming the characters are chess-pieces but they really aren't. Whenever I rewatched it I discovered that. I mostly talked about character arcs with friends, and the mythos made for some fun online stuff (that, again, in my head I can answer - ha!).

Also, they weren't dead the whole time. Christian essentially screams that. It's not what happened.
Did they ever explain where that mystical water came from or why it was mystical? Did they explain why, of all things, it turned the man in black into a smoke-like creature that makes sounds like a machine? Did they explain who that lady was who killed Jacob and the man in black's mom? Where did she come from? Why did she have those powers that she passed on? Why were Sayid and Claire able to overcome "the sickness". What the point of Jacob and MIB's silly game of testing the human spirit? Especially when BOTH of them were corrupt. What the heck were those stupid rules Ben and Widmore were talking about? Should I continue with more things they never explained? "Oh, it's open to interpretation". Cop out. Fringe explains EVERYTHING

And as for the epilogue being a thank you rather than a way to sell the DVD? I don't buy that for a second

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