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May 14 2011

Iconic prom dresses. Buffy gets a place on the OMG! list of most iconic prom dresses. And it is lovely, isn't it?

Excellent. I just happened to be watching that episode at this very moment as part of the Buffy Rewatch. Coincidences.
It is lovely.

Not necessarily 'iconic', though...
The Pretty in Pink dress... Oh, dear. And poor Duckie.

Buffy's dress always looked a bit too loose around the top for SMG (you wonder how many times she was pulling it up). Not really my style, at least. Worked with the episode, though.

And no Carrie?! This list is pointless without the pig's blood-stained slinky slip.
Huh. I totally didn't remember that dress. The one I always think of is the one from Prophecy girl. EVERYONE loved that dress! Even the Master.
I've always loved Buffy's dress from The Prom and in fact, find it more iconic than the Pretty in Pink retro dress (is that what you'd call it?).

Olivia Newton-John, Grease:


Lori Singer, Footloose:


I was going to mention Jamie Lee Curtis in The Prom (her dress was also pink) but I doubt very few people remember old horror films like that.
Yeah, I much prefer the white one from Prophecy Girl to the one with the ill-fitting top that looks like it will slip down any minute (I think you have to be a girl to see how irritating that top looks like it would be--the wedding dress in the same episode looked like it was a bit too big on top for SMG as well) in The Prom. The Prophecy Girl dress is something I would LOVE to wear, even 14 years later (ye gads--it's that old!).

Yeah, movies like Grease certainly belong there.

Though missing Carrie is a real crime, because the movie is synonymous with prom horror.

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