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May 14 2011

A fan made, rather excellent, Dollhouse season two trailer. I miss this crazy little show.

I'd watch that show.
Now I need to do a Dollhouse rewatch.
I actually just did an S2 re-watch, and was reminded that I felt about Fran Kranz the way we all talk about John Noble in Fringe.
Loving the attention paid to Adelle.
Now, that was mindscreamingly good! Please, don't let us impede your progress, procede as you will. (Very curious.)
I miss a JW show on the air. Any chance he will create a new show after "The Avengers", if we send him cute little puppies?
WOW. That was really awesome! I just watched the show a few months ago (for the third time), but I guess it's time to watch it again.

Maybe FOX should have hired that guy to do the promotional stuff when it was on. I mean, who wouldn't wanna watch that?
Man, now I really want to see Season Two!
Really good trailer.

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