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May 15 2011

First look at NBC's "Free Agents" featuring Anthony Stewart Head. It got picked up earlier during the week.

It will air Wednesdays at 8:30, following Christina Applegate's "Up All Night" and leading into "Harry's Law."

Three cheers for Tony Head! Hope this is better than "Merlin" ... I love him to death, but one season of that was enough for me.

Off to watch the trailer now!
Erendis, Merlin truly is an awful show. I can't stand it as much as I can't stand Karen Gillan's acting.
Ouch...tough crowd for British science fiction & fantasy programming, eh?


Still, that clip was just awesome and I know I'm glad Tony's back on American TV again via a non import. Though imports are awesome though...
News about the pickup got posted earlier during the week so I tweeked your entry.
Tony Head and Harry's Law and I don't even need to change the channel? Awesome!
Wonder if this means he's out of Merlin?
That first scene isn't as funny as the British version, without ASH's character's dirty talk.

Also, Merlin's 3rd season was all kinds of awesome.
Thanks to temponaut on IMDB for spotting this but there is a SMG and FPJ mention in the 3rd clip at about 1min 22secs
Sorry to disagree, Chosen,, but I love Karen Gillian. Guess we'll just have to bond over Merlin and disagree about Who. :-)

And no offense meant to anyone who likes "Merlin"--I just couldn't keep watching after season 1. Not my thing. Which was a pity 'cause I LOVE ASH and really wanted to like it for his sake. But to each her own, and reader response, and all that good stuff. :-)
Looks hilarious and promising. Not one of those typical dumbed-down sitcoms.

Does anyone know if Tony's over here filming, or just doing some guest shots? I mean, did he just film his stuff for the pilot and a couple episodes, or is he a regular part of the cast?

Turducken. HA!
I still love Merlin, but this show does not look like something I will be interested in.
Glad to see Tony back on TV. I haven't really watched anything he's been in since Buffy. Awkward to see him without the glasses...

And also, isn't it about time Hank Azaria gets a lead in a prime time show that we can actually see him (not just hear him) in? What a talented guy!
Another bit of fabulous news! Can't wait to see it.

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