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May 15 2011

(SPOILER) Trailer and Poster for the remake of Fright Night, written by Marti Noxon. This modern update of the Horror/Comedy classic from the 80s' stars Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and David Tennant (to name but a few). It arrives in both 3D extra crispy and 2D original recipe on August 19th.

I liked that trailer (Farrell is an effectively smarmy Jerry) but would rather have seen David Tennant's Peter Vincent in action as well. Maybe his bits are too spoilery?
I think this looks great. Colin Farrell is never not awesome.
I believe by "3D extra crispy" you mean "burnt to inedible". ;)
I think one of the things that made the original so accessible was the fact that none of the protagonists were superheroes. They all were average people going against some very extraordinary things. While I am admittedly only going off a trailer here, it seems as if they've tried to make Charlie into a total badass that can take on the world. And I really hope that the lack of David Tennant in the preview doesn't mean that they've dialed down the Peter Vincent character. I definitely have my reservations, but I'll probably still go to see it when it comes out.
@b!x Your mileage may vary... and yes. :) You know what bums me out? This movie was apparently shot with the Red One HD camera, which can and has produced some STUNNING visuals in the past. Yes, this movie DOES look pretty, but I HATE how a production's look is altered (everything has to be highly saturated and brighter to better push the 3D effect) just to suit something that's so damn fleeting and temporary to begin with! Grrr, I say!

But hey, the movie looks like fun, I really dig the cast (Colin does look really intense) and things look different enough to not be bored by if you've seen the original, while still paying tribute to the source material. I hope this does very well for all involved, especially Marti.
I'm with Ebert- don't use 3D unless it really is visually innovative. Otherwise, it is simply additional cost for no additional value.
For those who haven't seen it, here's a photo of David Tennant as Peter Vincent.
I don't remember the mother being so much in on the whole thing in the original. She seems to be part of the action.
I really hope that David Tennant's role is not as small as it seems.

I like the casting. Anton Yelchin is great, David Tennant too and I like Toni Colette.

I don't like the poster that much. Nice idea, but the bottom looks strange to me. The border between street and the black underneath looks like someone was lazy.
Anton Yelchin in the middle in front of the sun is great, though.
kungfubear, thanks for that awesome David Tennant photo! Looking forward to this in August.
Marti Noxon plus this very good cast? I'm in.

Really, love me some Imogen Poots. She was maybe my favorite thing about 28 Weeks Later (though I thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie) and I wondered when I'd get to see her again. Awesome!
It might just be the fact that I tend to loathe remakes in general, but I found NOTHING appealing about that trailer.
Didn't like what I saw.
But I'll give it a chance because of Marti.

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